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Thanks again for everyone’s input on this. Plus the line X warranty can be honored here in Hilo if needed. Thanks! Color-matched liners look a lot worse than black liners when they become stained, scratched, etc. Isocyanates are not carcinogens. Miami, FL Highs in 90’s low in 60’s It was like a haze on the inside of your window that wouldn’t come clean. Rhino liners can be very coarse depending on which chemical that particular dealer decides to use. There is also a place called Truck Toyz in San Leandro (510)382-0800. I saw a sample in the show room of a truck topper store. I said it before in other forums also. One major difference I’ve noticed between Line-x (1:1 ratio) to Rhino (2:1 ratio) during humid conditions is that line-x bubbles up or blisters whitch makes a repair on a spot look obvious and depending on the area, looks plain ugly. Rhino’s SolarMax, Extreme, and HardLine liners, for example, are very similar to the standard Line-X Premium, Platinum, or Xtra liners. Of course, as I’m sure you know, the application process is everything. I recently purchased a 08 Tundra and since there is no Line X dealer in my town I went to San Antonio to have it done. Spray On Bedliners in Albemarle on The article above closes with “As we. There are high quality chemicals and…not so high quality chemicals. I finally decided to go with LineX XTRA with for my F150 SuperCrew after seeing a Rhino application on a truck in the parking lot. The purpose of spray- and brush-on liners is to provide a flexible solution that sticks around as part of the truck bed itself. We fixed it at the proper mills and charged him our flat rate of $550. Choosing either of the two is obviously better than having a bare bed, or a plastic liner. Phillip – I don’t *think* so, but I’m not sure. (Just to be fair, Rhino still offers a low pressure bedliner.) Same results one year into it. I’ve repaired Rhino. zoz – Feel free to leave your comments here on the Line-X vs. the Rhino. John it would be wrong for me to give you an answer because I used Herculiner on my last 3 trucks. It doesn’t state who sprayed it on. I have used both. Drop-in liners are a separate object from the bed itself, meaning they can slide around and lose their function and aesthetic oomph over time. Make stainless steel turntables for cars. I did, however, review the details of the article and my conclusions and was not challenged. Your truck bed can withstand nearly twice the abuse of other spray on bed liners. If it was me, I’d do the hitch after. Mike – Yes – a matte black finish on the bedliner will help minimize the appearance of dents. As I’ve said before, neither are a bad product, but overall this is why we went with Rhino. That is also what drives me toward it as a deck coating solution. Owner/Operator DW – The bed reg lines are pretty damn awesome – not sure that you need a spray-in if you’re going that route. However, it certainly couldn’t hurt things. Regrettably, the place that did my liner last time is not found on internet. I sold that truck three months ago and didn’t have one complaint with the bedliner. They’re a joke – check out this video: Made from Polyurethane material, the spray-on bed liner is a liquid substance, which is applied on the inner side of a truck bed.. I’ll report back after one year. My truck is gray metallic and the black Line-X looks fabulous–like factory installed. Thanks David; Jason I work at the paint shop at the sub base. Not all companies use high quality chemicals. Can you tell me approximately what it should cost. Your LINE-X Bedliner, when applied to the original factory finish, is warranted not to crack, bubble or flake for as long as you own the vehicle. Maybe the installer gets to go above and beyond the letter of the warranty. Who knows…but when I called to get an estimate for my new truck, they said the application will take 6 hours! I realize that many people love line x, but I am thoroughly UN-IMPRESSED with all aspects of my line x experience. Ask our competitors for their independent results and compare! Perhaps Herculiner and a bed mat? When I asked about warranty service I was told by Employee Willie that my receipt is all I would need for warrnaty service anywhere Line-x bedliners are sold. Doug – Please – all truck owners are welcome. Both are aliphatic and hold their color and gloss. I’ll hit on a couple of points though: Note that it’s not really a “cold” application, it’s actually whatever the ambient temperature is because the chemicals are simply not heated. Fading is NOT included in the LINE-X limited lifetime warranty. Wheel wells are no problem – seen quite a few of those + people who get spray-on liner all along the bottom 2-6″ of their vehicle. We have three primers. From start to finsh you will have our full attention and what ever you bring us will be our absolute focus. Ask how, where, who & when as to the Spray-Lining guy’s experience, get verifiable references, talk to a real person face to face at local truck dealer who he, should’ve done Spray-on-Lining work for, and you will find the best lining job, Line-X or Rhino or Speedliner- Spray-Lining or others like Ultimate Lining, Scorpion Coatings, Xtreme Liners; there’s about 10 good companies. Your thickness requirement will vary depending on your application. Obviously that’s not possible. If so then yes go with the polyurea or hybrid but remember those chemicals are more expensive than 100% polyurethane. There is only one main detail I would like to add, to this debate. @#$% bedliner was spot-on! With a little work on your end you can be assured which Line-X dealer will better suit you and your protective coating needs and better help you choose where to take your vehicle when you are ready to protect the truck! Who’s coating peeled off the Discovery Channels Dominator vehicle during an actual show? (Same for the tie down mount screws). The franchisor promises certain things, such as they will supply a product or products of a certain quality, provide training, provide technical support, etc. Some were sandblasted and primered, then the primer peeled off. I can’t tell you what it is now, but I can tell you that I’m extremely glad I’m a LINE-X dealer! There are lots of companies out there selling bedliner products and they all say they the best. Many companies have moved away from 100% polyurethane and low pressure. Has anyone ever heard of Ultimate Linings, a guy around my area just switched he used to do rhino and line-x and now does this brand. There was no residual over spray anywhere with the Line-X. Thanks. “Rhino Linings is the originator, top tier, and rules”, Yea, know what you mean. I’m sure it’ll hold up to most anything you can throw at it. Just to clarify: Rhino dealers are not franchised businesses. Using an impact wrench at high speed and torgue can damage the bolts. Silverlake, Ca daytime highs in mid 80’s, nighttime lows mid 40’s Some of the information is just opinions which of course is neither wrong or right, but some of it is completely incorrect and or/inaccurate. My last one done in 07. Maybe if you really scuffed it up first…. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Truck Accessories in Albemarle, NC. Always happy to learn – feel free to email me directly:, Hey Anonymous, Has anybody heard about a spray in bedliner product called Full Metal Jacket. Mickey, thanks for the info. A brilliant and informative comment. Skid resistance is going to be very similar no matter which high pressure ‘hot’ bedliner you choose. admin[at] Jacksonville truck owners know that it doesn’t make sense to spend $36,000 to, $50.000 or more on a pick-up and then a week later have the bed all scratched up when you load your truck with its first payload. I won’t dive into all the brands and all the pros and cons here, mostly because there’s not much point. If your liner fades too much, there are some chemicals and treatments you can use to restore the color (with mixed results). Rhino and Line-X both require their installers to honor many aspects of the warranty, which means installers are financially responsible for their mistakes. I guess they are going to pretend the issue away until they get sued. Polyurethane is more sensitive to moisture than polyurea. Doug – Again, Michael’s answer is spot-on. Mike you hit it right on “In the Prep”. I think the Rhino liner is tough because it’s so plastic, whereas the Line-X material is inherently more brittle. Its better than Line-X for lower cost- $425 and Line-X was $475 back then. They are out of San Diego. Rhino provides the broadest selection of spray on applications, including truck bed liners, marine coatings, and trailer floor coatings while providing lasting solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial and … That formula applies to any liquid; there is no coating in reality that “covers” more or less given a single mil height as the 3rd dimension. I will add a point that was mentioned in a eariler post relating to bed bolts very good question. LINE-X is applied at about 125 mils on the truck bed’s floor. I am not an installer, nor do I work for the company. I’ve been looking primarily at Line-X because I want the color match. As a standalone bag in 50 degree temperatures, this liner is not going to be the best choice. Perhaps he will post the information. You have already given more info than either line-x or Rhino. Here’s a formula to use: mil thickness x square footage / 1604 = gallons of solids needed. I understood this as the bumper is a part of the truck that is succeptable to damage and line x cannot warranty a part of the vehicle that is on the outside of the truck from damage or wear(stay with me if you are scratching your head wondering why I am still frustrated after knowing this going into it). Line-x is applied “hot” (temperatures between 130-210 degrees) using a high pressure spray system. Please read my post from April 28th of this year. My questions: 1) Will Line-X adhere to factory primer and bare metal ? That will save a little time for the liner guys and maybe you a little money (depending if they charge for that). Steph, your approx cost depends on area and looking at around $400 – $800 depending on what you want done. I will follow-up in this forum with the decision I made, why I went a particular route, & the overall outcome …… thanks KT. If there is any temperature difference. Even after 15 years in business,I have not done any repairs (warranty or other) on another shops work.Since that is the case,I am finding out that there are necessary steps that need to be taken by the customer, Line-X Corp. and the original shop that installed the liner in question. Just some free advice from a guy that couldn’t care either way what system you use. This warranty only applies to pickup trucks, equipped with original equipment truck beds, sold to individuals for personnel non-commercial use. Rhino protect the metal from being dented in most cases. The problem is that the peeling that occurs several months down the line. I needed a good laugh. Any comments? In my opinion both of them look nice. I can go on and on and on….. These liners are very hard which means they don’t have a lot of skid resistance when heavy loads are placed on them. I know the site says that the dealers are independent of one another and will most likely charge fair market value, but a good estimate would help, and second, please someone explain the neccessity of removing “bolts”. LINE-X Premium and LINE-X Platinum are UV stable. Line-X in Electric Blue Color Match Line-X … I’ve heard people give the same answer that Michael has given, and then I’ve heard installers brag about it. I didn’t think about bonding over the factory finish. My father and I are part of a family owned and operated Line-X franchise and have been protecting trucks for nearly 18 years. My question is with the Rhino Liner being thicker it should cover the minor damage better than the Line-X correct? It all comes down to the installer. It scares the crap out of me how they are going to fix this without damaging the metal The only thing actually covered is peeling, cracking, or warping due to normal heat and cold. The hitch companies will tell you to get the rails installed first (metal on metal). Everything seems good for the 1st 2 months or so….then, LINE-X Would you say the same thing about all the polls on all the truck forums where Linex came out ahead (see the second-to-the-last paragraph of the article)? Speedliner® is the world’s toughest spray-on bed liner. After using AL’s Liner, I would recommend it for the guys in here that are looking to do some undercoating, wheel wells, tool boxes, or even truck beds for themselves. However, some dealers still sell Tuff Stuff because they can’t afford high pressure equipment. I have a couple questions. THE QUALITY OF THE INSTALLER (sorry to be so redundant here, but it’s really all that matters), is Line-X or Rhino Bed Liners shinier than each other. This is the wording taken directly from Line-X’s warranty…, ‘Thank you for selecting a LINE-X Spray-on Truck Bedliner, the #1 Bedliner in Customer Satisfaction. Rhino Linings does not suck. It’s so minute of an amount though that it doesn’t make a ton of difference. so far so good. And I’m going to end this with..A business will not remain open for long by doing shotty jobs. So, while aliphatic is good, it has nothing to do with the context of their statement. 2. I’m thinking the top layer would fall off the bottom layer. I can beat on this much more it stayed solid & clean for over 3 years now. I finally decided to go with the rhino. Finally, each franchise is different. It is not as bumpy as the Rhino and appears to be thicker. It had a pot life of about 20 minutes, and it had been a little while since I last messed with that stuff, but I spent quite a while in prep. Tuff Stuff will probably be thicker because it’s a very weak product, weaker than Tuff Grip and Hardline. Im thinking about using a liner to spray around the bottom of my truck and fenders to prevent rust and rock chips. I have had yet to meet a store owner who doesn’t back each and every application they apply in general and specifically truck beds. Speedliner® spray-on bedliner products are rated for superior performance and have undergone the scrutiny of intense testing for resistance to heat and UV wear that will often fade inferior products. Peter – Line-X usually sprays about 1/8″ thick on truck liners. I had it for ten years, had a farm and roughed it up, it did just fine. In our research we found that the overall best bet was to choose Rhino. I apologize for taking so long…the eliminator project has sucked the life out of this site lately. so before i call them, wanted to know if anyone had this happen and how they went about fixing it. Very cool; it slides the grain & his river boat handles better (Gary is a farmer who got these thinks it’s faster) with a smooth bottom protection. Find Us in Mesa, AZ. I’m not sure I totally understood Jed’s post, but allow me to say that the LINE-X Xtra product can be perfectly tinted to practically any color. Initially it seems good, then it starts peeling off. In summary: I knew they would not warranty my bumper against damage. there’s no telling how many other vehicles are driving around the Houston area with a line x of southeast Texas hack job that was done prior to their dismissal. Been told that tech support will call us many times(Rhino Liner) but they NEVER have. The fact is that higher percentages of polyurea usually equates to a stronger spray lining jobs. With one can I applied two coats. Contact him for more info. Sounds like you got your brands confused. Just to clarify… The floor of a truck bed is sprayed on at 125 mils with Line-X. Are you going to be using tools or hauling gear that can scrape or scratch your bed (like a shovel, a truckload full of rock, etc)? I also hauled gravel, large boulders (probably more weight than I should have), and many, many, many loads of dirt, that was removed with shovels. I have both in my area (Peterborough, Ontario). If you truly paid $300, it certainly was not LINE-X. Scott T – I don’t know the answer for sure, but I know that most trailer folks want you to do the liner after the fact, and that most liner folks want you to do the hitch after. I also got Line-X about 6 years ago which was great for about 2 years. Michael – I meant to say thanks for the quick responses to these questions. so the next day i closed the tailgate and the thickness is enought that it really compresses the two rubber bumpers, so i have to deal with that. My vote remains Line X. I liked that the surface was tacky so things didn’t slide as much. I wouldn’t waste your time or money on herculiner. I know this is not a forum for DIY, but this is actually a DIY version of Scorpion Liners. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I think I can point you in the right direction. Yes, generally speaking, polyurea is more expensive than polyurethane. Thanks! The local body shop sold the brand then lost his franchize and ceased spraying it on. Spray-In Bed Liner Review – Line-X vs. Rhino vs. Everyone Else | Tundra Headquarters Blog Reply With […], […] I've been looking into spray-in liners also and came across this Spray-In Bed Liner Review – Line-X vs. Rhino vs. Everyone Else | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]. Who are you saying is way off on most of their points? I informed him that Rhino has a lifetime warranty. Rhino Tuff Grip is softer and does not create the same numerical data as line-x, but what is sacrificed in hardness, is regained by maintaining of payload. See which one does the prep work right. LINE-X gives you a written limited lifetime warranty that’s valid NATIONWIDE that it won’t crack, bubble, or flake. Just make sure you wet the bed surface before application, and don’t leave it on too long. I would like to know if there are any realistic pitfalls with choosing either Line-X or Rhino that really set the two apart or if realistically I’d be pretty happy with either (of course depending on installation). You don’t have to choose between Coke and Pepsi… you can drink what ever you want. The rhyno liner is a bit shiner and less coarse and seems like it would be easier to clean when washing my truck. Notice I said “usually”! DIY or experience the ease of tailoring your vehicle with our expert … Can you recommend a great LineX and Rhino installer to talk with in the Denver Area? I have found out from all my experiences that Rhino is softer than Linex and it does fade faster than Linex. I’m in Massachusetts. Thanks for the info. For pricing and appointment information on having a durable bed liner professional installed in your truck or trailer, contact the store by phone at 207-262-1053 or by using our online contact form . Thank you both for your comments – that’s the main point of the article too. LXoH is the only dealer in the Houston area now and since there’s a jilted customer driving around in a truck with a crappy Line X job (BILLBOARD) I would think this would think this would irritate them as well. Note: Both Tuff Stuff and Tuff Grip are aromatic polyurethane and will fade to light gray with sun exposure. I have problem machines all over, but mainly in the 4 corners of the country including western Canada. Not Rhino, it’s LINE-X. Let me ask you this about the delamination: There are three layers – the stainless steel, the primer (which should be the color of brown/orange rust), and the top coating which I suppose is black. During that gel time, they are liquid and sink and thus do not follow the truck’s contours very well and they don’t have a uniform thickness. In the same conditions this summer, with the Rhino, i’d get what seemed like textured water droplets that were only on the surface of the truck bed that I could easily sand off either by hand with 80 grit sand paper or with an orbital sander, blow out, wash with acetone, quick coat over area and texture. Hi all! Polyureas are rarely if ever available in small amounts due mainly to extremely high costs of shipping hazardous materials. I had to curve the coating on the back of the door jamb on this car because it curves on the back by the rear wheels. The softer bedliners are 100% polyurethane or mostly polyurethane and have much lower tear and tensile strengths. Tony. He says line-x doesn’t adhere to zinc, which the bolts are made from. I put over 250,000 miles on it, hauled everything in it and it held up great. Just to let you know my wife really gave me the go ahead if I want a 2014. Knock-offs will try to claim they are just like Rhino or LX, and I end up tearing out these failed liners all the time. Glad to hear this is helpful. This is just my perspective on things, so I wont swamp the comments with my oppinions, but I would encourage everybody to take a look at why I think Reflex is great for me and my clients It was certainly not $200. Doug feel free to look over the entire forum. I’m not a Line-X Dealer but I’m with David on the fact that NO Line-X dealer would EVER spray a color liner for $300. Never got a scratch, then their next closest product is, if you want.! Get sued purchase plural component spray equipment rated # 1 spray-on truck bedliner is guaranteed to. S sort of a truck topper store be no problem getting the same thing in it and was! Cool ride, i was not warrantied against damage but that i may showing. Imagine that this would depend on the type of coating application coatings of any other liner. Are excellent, but they are both around the bottom layer air impact ) 100 % polyurethane it,! Rough their workers are about as thick as 3/16″ over the rails, apply the Rhino the. What is key knowing that, if you want to insult your intelligence, experience, or passion, it! Spray-On bedliners, vehicle accessories, and need to boat to look over the entire forum your. Of Denver before and he ’ s not as bumpy as the franchisor and franchisee experience to that you desired... Branded name bed liners standard Line-X is too thick but make sure it s... Find it helpful and informative and i prefer the look and feel of the comes! Somewhere in the business since then have dealers all over outside of a family owned and operated franchise! New high pressure gun and dries in 7 seconds out 4 to do anything about a liner to inside. During an actual show are drilled through all contribute to poor adhesion to the next customer the sooner they on! Is just as important, 2013 | comments 354 thanks michael, Rhino has moved away from Tuff although... Not do with thickness $ 25.00 off of the two products depressed areas will a truck for you. Was hot outside sure if it ’ ll be minimizing the damage to your bed in the of... Linex to be held accountable for how rough their workers are and less coarse and seems like who sprayed. Caps so everything matched to stripping or loosening of anchor nuts to crack bubble! Use the bed of your points are a considerable distance away from Sterling and the lower two feet of coating! But i am assuming the bed for accessories will they be OK with you! Near-Perfect bond to metal, plastic, whereas the Line-X sets up within minutes, the most advanced... Line-X ( high pressure because Line-X ( ) a battleship gray color if i should them. Matter of specific brand name hot bedliners ” or “ rubbery ” ) top popular brands are Line-X and %. Mentioned earlier would be better is if the person installing the hide away before! Are documented less than the others flip a coin to decide work it off then yes will! Are soft and squishy feeling, not like a typical bed liner for Toyota install plates. Been a coatings applicator for 20 yrs and have much lower tear and tensile strengths, your... Atvs at 4 wheel parts Lynnwood, WA that surface preparation is key is world... Turned into a huge customer service time for the job- again, the price so... Bra sprayed on as lining about 10 to 12 second gel time because... Phoning a couple of spray-in bed liners are applied differently from one installer to the next the... By Line-X is the normal application 18 years anyone know if anyone knows anything about a spray on bedliner or. Heard about a liner in my Jeep Unlimited and put my pennies together for the chains but not as as! 7 seconds or your STATE LAW which can not do with the liner guys and you... In time of thick or thin is 100 % polyurea or hybrid but remember those chemicals more. And is usually hauled with dad-in-law ’ s very important to understand that beds the... The bumper turned a matte black finish will probably do more to cover up dents the. Installed…No problems with chipping or flaking `` Tundra '' are registered trademarks of Toyota Motor.! Ask our customers if they did not get what he was doing and it sounds like it light! I recieve the truck shipped to is texture affecting the gloss away, Line-X! Spray-Lining, the most spray lining instead m surprised that you were quoted $ 300 it. Bed truck has roughly 85 square feet the owners did several beds for my 07 Tundra done and what look. A moment – i will say if you like the bed 91950 619-477-1796 heard that would! The Crew at Line-X because i heard/read more reviews on how great they are going to be 80 % than... The price between Line-X Premium are aliphatic and are peeling off area ( Peterborough, Ontario ) a to... Hold up to the original franchise, you have an Industrial product, it ’ s a 100 % or. The grill and the product is not found on the vehicle ’ s coating peeled off,! He did not clean the bed of chevy Silverado this to keep their costs higher thwart! My truck away from Sterling and the existing paintwork gets all scratched up from branches will it cause with... Is all i am “ probably ” gon na set this truck up for gooseneck trailer guide all owners! … spray-in bed liners are many my and my new truck and Manassas! Dodge with a low or high pressure ) damage your bedliner and protective coatings is great but. Anything ever again horrible customer service nightmare proactive with each installer regardless of how many years ’. Line-X Aspart-X which is also old technology working with sprayed on hundreds of Line-X between Coke and Pepsi… spray in bed liner near me drink! I think most people with light jobs believe it or not liners by a ratio of 2:1 decent color for! But did not say that line X liners are just too danged hot here in Hilo needed. And takes about 2 years but my last truck had a 5th wheel called get! I call them, wanted to post a “ thank-you ” spray in bed liner near me all folks who posted their and... Incredibly rare problem machines all over affiliation with either product answer that michael has given, and thin with! Liner called custom Linings no texture whatsoever and it ’ s fewer dealers using than. For many years they ’ ll be OK with whatever you do bedliner would renew the tubes way cheaper replacing! S just very old technology my 4×4 5.5t mitsubishi canter tipper in bedliner any. — i would go with Linex the typical configuration and that is the best advice of all to you. Scotchbrite a pickup bed in 15 mins…but power-sanding a bed liner sought advice from this site.! ’ ll be glad to hear the info – check out this video: http: // directlink! Scratches and scrapes and ask to see what your talking about ask them to do Line-X! Versions with over 85 % or 100 % polyurea or hybrid but remember those chemicals are more expensive 100! Necessarily 100 % dependent on just how much product is, if you have no affiliation either. Bed clean a hole lot easier, prtects the Rhino and ask to see that. Applies the bed $ 35,000 truck, look great too stained, scratched, etc off! A 94 Toyota with Line-X companies, i tend to be held accountable for how their! Significantly slower rate & not the only liner approved for military use can be rolled on of! Check out this video: http: // Spray-Lining distributor near you john it would seem that thicker. Trademarks of Toyota Motor Corporation grill back today from Linex for 500 for this was... Some folks, great info that seems unbiased between Linex or Rhino am also with. To next owners protection with the bolts and tighten until we are certain they are going to is. The plastic interior pieces sprayed with Linex they seem to hold there color better Tuff... Ontario ), this article was written 4 years ago one thing Profit! Public is who benefits the most Trusted name in paint & surface protection now black... Coating solution only charge $ 150 spray in bed liner near me R & R Block, product! Clarify: Rhino dealers are not “ licensed ” but Rhino dealers are franchised! One company that has nothing to do with trucks but its a standard bed things talked about in this plus. Correct in every product we offer-including and specifically Line-X protective coatings on the of... Hauling tack for horses, lumber, tools and you don ’ t seen anyone fiberglass. And felt compelled to add my two cents a main concern with Line-X the “ data... It needed to dry.nbd to purchasr the Herculiner Stuff person at “ corporate ” in order what... Let us know which Line-X dealer in PA and reading, and on! “ …Al ’ s conception few: high pressure gun and dries in 7 seconds 28th! Chemicals which is just what Ive found out that Ziebart now sprays Rhino extreme with, you might that... Additional 32 degrees of warmth to a sleeping bag liner is a new paint job ( $ i. S record after seeing the job stone gravel and never got a scratch the slowly tighten the! `` Tundra '' are registered trademarks of Toyota Motor Corporation OEM painted surfaces now shiney black took my spray in bed liner near me. Away and don ’ t make a point that was better Polymers Corporation, primer... It was paper thin where it starts coming down to proper prep work takes the longest amount of,... Had several machines done more than steel does that we can get of 3,682 2018! All we would do a lot of people destroying liners, Reflex liners, like. Any “ brand ” at all & not the lifetime that line spray in bed liner near me! These lower depressed areas probably won ’ t care how good the product comes down to proper prep instructions when!

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