Up to 20, the numbers are unique. 300000 in English, Spelling for 300000 in English , number to words for 300000. three hundreds thousand or three lakh . Advertisement (Live) Coronavirus India Pandemic 24/7: Death Toll, Infections, Recoveries and Real Time Counter: CII recommends the government to announce an immediate stimulus package of at Rs 15 lakh crore, which translates into 7.5 per cent of GDP," CII President Vikram Kirloskar said. Whoever wants the Rs 15-lakh dole, the message said, should open an account with the India Post Payments Bank, launched by Modi last September 1 as a house-to-house banking service under the postal department. 15 May, 2014 | Learn English. Fifteen (15) पंद्रह (१५) pandrah: Sixteen (16) सोलह (१६) solah: Seventeen (17) सत्रह (१७) satrah: Eighteen (18) अट्ठारह (१८) aṭṭhārah: Nineteen (19) उन्नीस (१९) unnis : Twenty (20) बीस (२०) bees: Hindi cardinal numbers up to 100 have no specific standardization. Remember that you need to use a hyphen (-) to join the two parts of numbers between 21 and 99. Dictionaries usually provide any accepted alternative spellings of words, but there is no acceptable variant spelling of forty.

Well, it’s kind of a tricky spelling, especially in compound numbers such as forty-four. Why are there so many instances of fourty on the Internet? P.S. You'll also be the first to know about my exciting new spelling courses & spelling products. Only sign up if you're serious about improving your spelling and want these email lessons. If you’re a person with a salary of ₹15 lakh per annum, it makes even more sense to switch over the new tax regime because some of the most common tax exemptions no longer apply. We created this chart so that you can use it as a quick reference guide whenever you are writing numbers.

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