STUDY. Act-consequentialism is the view that an action is right if and only if it maximizes the good for the greatest number of people. For example: "Joe has strange ethics." John Stuart Mill, in his exposition of utilitarianism, proposed a hierarchy of pleasures, meaning that the … This form of utilitarianism holds that the morally correct action is the one that produces the best outcome for all people affected by the action.

What is the difference between Consequentialism and Utilitarianism? Flashcards. Spell. Consequentialism, Deontology, and Virtue Theory.

Three important examples are the moral theories of Hermann Cohen, John Rawls, and Jürgen Habermas Utilitarianism is an example of a consequentialist theory and kantianism is an example of a non-consequentialist theory. Learn. is an ethics theory that judges whether or not something is right by what its consequences are. We all know that business class : 13. kantianism Sentence Examples. Consequentialism is based on examining the consequences of one’s actions as opposed to non-consequentialism which is focused on whether the act is right or wrong regardless of the outcome (Burgh, Field & Freakley, 2006). The three sub-categories of consequentialism are altruism, utilitarianism and egoism. They define happiness as pleasure, which is also called the hedonistic value theory. Consequentialism definition is - the theory that the value and especially the moral value of an act should be judged by the value of its consequences. Two examples of consequentialism are. The film is a gripping struggle that opens as Ramon Sampedro (Javier Bardem) begins a legal process for his right to die.
karen_lu6. Meta-ethics is the branch of ... Utilitarianism is the paradigmatic example of a consequentialist moral theory.

Write. Virtue ethics, on the other hand, is considered more of a normative ethical theory.

utilitarianism and hedonism. Created by.
Consequentialism and deontology are two such theories that are classified under ethics of conduct, i.e., our behavior and the way we conduct ourselves.

Gravity. Furthermore, as a consequentialist … The Consequentialism theory follows utilitarianists in that good is what generates happiness. • Utilitarianism stresses on maximizing the good for the maximum number of people.

It effected a revolution in his mode of thinking; so completely did the kantian doctrine of the inherent moral worth … Having lived for 30 years as a quadriplegic, Ramon believes that it is permissible for him to want to die and that the state should be … Based on a true story, The Sea Inside is a film that deals with what is a real case of consequentialist reasoning: that of assisted suicide. The paragraphs below explain the differences between these three theories with examples. PLAY. Match. The action that results in most satisfaction for most people is the best one. As with any consequentialist theory of morality, act-consequentialism must specify what features of an action’s consequences are morally valuable. Example: Imagine you are confronted with two options. Terms in this set (13) Consequentialism. Test. Meta-ethics. judges consequences by a "greast … • Utilitarianism was the term that was used to refer to consequentialism till 1960s, but today it is seen more of as a special type of consequentialism. Altruism is when the actions of a person promote the best consequences for others, yet … Utilitarianism. Is it happiness, pleasure, welfare, wealth distribution, access to primary goods, or something else?

• While the greatest … • Utilitarianism combines the aspects of hedonism and consequentialism.

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