When it comes to German grammar learning, I always get asked one big question: “How can I learn those prepositions?” The answer is always the same:”You just have to learn them.” The problem with prepositions is that they are not easy translatable. Prepositions are one of the hardest things to learn in English. 01.07.2015. Finally, take the quiz to check your understanding. I will address the topic of the two-way prepositions in a different post).

When we are talking about being somewhere, there are different prepositions we can use, and it can be hard to remember which one is the right one to use. Make sure to notice important exceptions such as "at night" or small differences between British and American English . Today, I’m going to share some ideas to help you learn prepositions effectively. How can you remember all the prepositions? We Indians are too puritanistic about grammar. You don't have to. Everyone studying German knows this “annoying” issue: German prepositions with accusative or dative, meaning that all prepositions in German need a special grammatical case, most times accusative or dative.. For native speakers, we just know this sort of stuff, but for English learners, you have to try to remember it. For example, in English we say ‘I’m on the bus’ which literally translated says ‘I’m on top of the bus’ in German. The preposition ‘at’, for example, has as many as 18 different functions, depending on which dictionary you consult. Even advanced English learners find prepositions difficult! Useful tips to learn English prepositions. Try to memorize them as part of a phrase. In this post I will concentrate on the prepositions that can only have either accusative or dative (i.e. One preposition in your own language might have a different translation in English depending on the context. Read the paragraph below and learn the rules of when to use these prepositions in the chart. Most prepositions don’t have a specific rule. It’s very difficult to use prepositions correctly in English and they present a number of problems for both teachers and learners. It helps to remember the various types of prepositions to avoid their misuse.

First, most prepositions, especially the common ones, have several different functions. That's the reason why our great language - Sanskrit- died.

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