Florida's least wanted: 10 invasive animal species that are wrecking native ecosystems. Join us online for an educational video each day at 9:00 am CST on invasive species that are important in our area and what to do about them. How well do you know about these invasive species, especially here in South Florida?

The green iguana is the most in-your-face invasive species in South Florida. Next week (May 18-22) is Florida Invasive Species Awareness Week! These trusted resources offer ways to combat this problem: From pythons to toxic toads, these non-native animals are wreaking havoc on our natural ecosystems. Florida is a national and global hot spot for non-native, invasive species. Once an invasive species becomes established, it is substantially more difficult to eradicate it—the most realistic course of action is controlling the population. National Invasive Species Awareness Week is May 16-23. Invasive species also disrupt natural processes. These 10 invasive plants are causing major problems in Florida. Because researchers and land managers in Florida have been dealing with invasive species for decades, there is an abundance of resources available to the public regarding invasive species. Florida’s ecosystems are plagued by hundreds of invasive plant species that can cause serious problems for native plants and wildlife. Florida is home to more than 500 species of invasive fish, wildlife and even more plants, including green iguanas, Burnese pythons, lion fish, giant African snails and air potato vines. Invasive species affect all of Florida’s ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic.

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