understands something about a character's actions or an event but the characters do not. There are three types of irony-verbal, situational, and dramatic.

Dramatic Irony Examples . Dramatic Irony occurs when the audience (of a movie, play, etc.) "Situational irony abounds in fiction, but it's also a major component to many non- fiction narratives—if you think about the popular 'storm' books from a couple of years ago, Sebastian Junger's Perfect Storm and Erik Larson's Isaac's Storm, both accounts of these terrible hurricanes deal with the all-too-human disinclination to take nature seriously. "Verbal irony forms the basis for what we mean when we say irony. In ancient Greek comedy, there was a character called an eiron who seemed subservient, ignorant, weak, and he played off a pompous, arrogant, clueless figure called the alazon . This type of irony is all about the gap between our expectations and reality, and it can make a memorable and powerful impression when we encounter it. Theorists quibble about the margins of what constitutes irony, but situational irony is all around us—from humorous news headlines to the shock twists in a book or TV show. Irony: it’s clear as mud. Irony is defined as the difference between what is said and what is meant or the difference between what appears to happen and what actually happens..

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