Video of painting of Mahatma Gandhi by bicycle. Mahatma Gandhi was the primary leader of India’s independence movement and also the architect of a form of non-violent civil disobedience that would influence the … Avec ses propres mots, Gandhi évoque son approche du divin.

Out of media player. Mahatma Gandhi, byname of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (born October 2, 1869, Porbandar, India—died January 30, 1948, Delhi), Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist movement against the British rule of India. That was the reason Gandhi began protesting and eventually he became an inspiring hero for millions.

Gandhi changed the course of history through non-violence. Rabindranath Tagore gave him the title of 'Mahatma'. Ce livre se penche sur les racines de sa foi en Dieu. Rabindranath Tagore gave him the title of 'Mahatma'. In the 1940s, a powerful empire was defeated by a man of peace dressed in simple clothes. (Duration: 10.00 min.) In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader who fought for India’s independence using non-violent protest as his weapon of choice. Find a collection of videos of Mahatma Gandhi and films made on Gandhiji's life. Mahatma Gandhi was brought up in India near Rajkot, where he did most of his studies. Sir Ben Kingsley stars as Mohandas Gandhi in Lord Richard Attenborough's riveting biography of the man who rose from simple lawyer to worldwide symbol of peace and understanding. As such, he came to be considered the father of his country. He was the Martyr of the Nation since 1948. He was Mohandas K Gandhi. Mohandas K. Gandhi: Mera Gaon Mera Desh. He was the Martyr of the Nation since 1948.

He is more commonly called Mahatma Gandhi; mahatma is an honorific meaning "great-soul" or "venerable" in Sanskrit. He was first called this in 1914 in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi was an international symbol for human rights whose personal dedication to nonviolent resistance inspired generations. Find out more about his life and work in this mini biography. The Salt March, which took place from March to April 1930 in India, was an act of civil disobedience led by Mohandas Gandhi to protest British rule in India. Mahatma Gandhi was the primary leader of India’s independence movement and also the architect of a form of non-violent civil disobedience that would influence the world. Some of these films contain original archival footage.

But at the center of it all is an extraordinary man who fought for a nonviolent, peaceful existence, and ..

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