Note that the time axis is so large that the industrial revolution – which is causing artificial climate change due to CO2 emissions – is not even on the graph. In its resolution 26/27 of 27 June 2014 on human rights and climate change, the Human Rights Council decided to hold, during its twenty-eighth session, a full-day discussion on specific themes relating to human rights and climate change on the basis of the different elements contained in the resolution. ­ Changes in the Earths orbit, the energy received from the Sun and the amount of greenhouse gases in … Short Notes on Climate Changes (explained with diagram)! Climate change, on the other hand, occurs because the amount of energy in the entire climate system is changed which affects each and every component in the system. A Note on Climate Change The topic of climate change is complex and often confusing even to experts. Other large changes, however, are slow – they happen over millions of years. Climate means the average pattern in which weather varies in time.

The climate of region depends on the presence or absence of water, the reflection of solar radiation or albedo, the ability to transfer water to the atmosphere (evaporation), the capacity to store heat, topography and texture of the region. As we explore how human activities impact the climate system --and how that in turn will impact human societies-- it is important for us to have a firm understanding of the basic processes and dynamics of the weather and climate continuum.

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