Moderate to heavy rain over few day period also can clear the pollution.

Artificial lights raise night sky luminance, creating the most visible effect of light pollution—artificial skyglow. Only the observation of planets and double stars is unaffected. Light pollution limits the visibility of milky way to the unaided eye, the visiblity of nebulae and galaxies seen in telescopes, and raises the noise on CCD astrophotographs. 5 ways you can reduce light pollution Light pollution adds to carbon emissions and interferes with animal migration. Match your observation to one of seven magnitude charts available online and note the amount of cloud cover. In some areas of the world, the growth of light pollution exceeds seven percent per year! This is not true. Observation Techniques : Observing pollution, dust, smoke or moisture haze [Back to introduction of more advanced techniques] ... Light winds mean the pollution will persist. Here's how to reduce it.
Light pollution is a hard concept to tackle as most people believe that light is benign and that one more additional light outside will not be noticed.
Despite the increasing interest among scientists in fields such as ecology, astronomy, health care, and land-use planning, light pollution lacks a current quantification of its magnitude on a global scale. Concerns about the potential negative effects of artificial light at night on humans, flora and fauna, were originally raised by astronomers and environmentalists. Currently, most light pollution studies by field observation and remote sensing primarily measured the night sky brightness as the indicator of nighttime light environment.

However, the night sky brightness is not a proper indicator for directly measuring the influence of light pollution on residents. Yet, we observe a growing interest in what is called light pollution among the general public and in the lighting field. During windy weather, the pollution is dispersed and cleared away.

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