Social comparison theory encompasses three types of appraisals: self …

A Theory of Social Comparison Processes. Festinger argued that humans have a drive to evaluate their opinions and abilities. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Research Hornstein et al.

Early research in social psychology on level of aspiration and on reference groups contributed to Leon Festinger’s social comparison theory, which he proposed in 1954. Social comparison theory.

Start studying social comparison theory. Human Relations 1954 7: 2, 117-140 Download Citation. Research in the area of social comparison theory has shown that different comparison appraisals might be used depending on the context of the comparison . The theory is a term referring to the “process through which people come to know themselves by evaluating their own attitudes, abilities, and beliefs in comparison with others” (Cherry, n.d.). Media Psychology: Vol. (2018).

In 1954, social psychologist Leon Festinger popularized social-comparison theory, which argues that we have an intrinsic desire to assess our progress by comparing ourselves to others. First, are people who exhibit lower well- When psychologists think of social comparison theory, they initially recall Leon Festinger’s classic paper on a theory of social comparison processes.

dropped a wallet containing some trivial items, a return address, $2 and a letter in midtown Manhattan, then watched what people did when they picked it up. However, in the three decades since the publication of this work, social comparison theory has evolved in several ways. Leon Festinger. Downward social comparison acts in the opposite direction. Social Comparison History and Background.

According to the theory, three psychological processes are central in that regard: social categorization, social comparison, and social identification.

Theories in Merchandising: Social Comparison Theory Social Comparison Theory The social comparison theory was proposed by the social psychologist Leon Festinger in 1954. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Simply select your …

21, No. And although social media may be relatively new, comparing ourselves with others is not.

222-245. 2, pp. Social identity theory was developed to explain how individuals create and define their place in society. Social Comparison as the Thief of Joy: Emotional Consequences of Viewing Strangers’ Instagram Posts. Social Comparison in Social Media: A Look at Facebook and Twitter Abstract Recent attention has focused on the tendency for social media, namely Facebook and its News Feed, to promote unfavorable social comparisons, or envy. We extend this work in a survey that looks at three main questions. Social networking sites (SNSs), such as Facebook, provide abundant social comparison opportunities.

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