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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines adaptation as: 'the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. November 30, 2019 Adrian Roberts.

A clearing house for Canadian and international adaptation and climate change information; A way to get involved; Climate change is here, bringing unprecedented challenges, but also new opportunities. View how to improve business resilience When it comes to tackling climate change to prevent the impacts it causes in the different systems of the planet, the human being applies two types of measures: mitigation and adaptation.. Mitigation measures are those actions that are taken to reduce and curb greenhouse gas emissions, while adaptation measures are based on reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

SFU has formed ACT in response to this need. The Canadian Electricity Association’s (CEA) Sustainable Electricity Program™ Advisory Panel identified the need for active climate change adaptation management planning across the sector.

Assess climate change risks. View the full version of the booklet; Download a printable pdf version of the booklet [PDF, 2.8 Mb] Order paper copies of the publication; View additional case studies as they become available. It is vital that we equip decision-makers with resources that will assist industry, governments, and communities to adapt to the impacts.

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The United Kingdom’s Climate Change Act 2008 requires the government to periodically assess climate change risks and develop adaptation plans. The LIFE programme funds many projects that develop innovations for adapting to climate change. CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation. As one might imagine, he had a broad and deep knowledge of the major scientific issues of the day, but he focused most of his remarks, often passionate, on the threats posed by global warming. Adapting to Climate Change.

Adapting to climate change The world needs to adapt to the extreme weather events linked to climate change, particularly flooding and water shortages caused by droughts. In human systems, adaptation seeks to moderate or avoid harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. Adapting to Climate Change. Adapting to changes in the weather has always been a part of farming life. On 2 April, the LIFE Call 2020 for climate action projects was launched. Climate change adaptation (CCA) is a response to global warming (also known as "climate change" or "anthropogenic climate change"). In this context we focus on climate change adaptation as we start to look forward for known risks against which portfolios can be positioned. Climate change adaptation (CCA) is therefore vital to lower the risks associated with the warming of our planet.

It involves taking practical actions to manage risks from climate impacts, protect communities and strengthen the resilience of the economy. Embed climate change adaptation in legislation. The physical impacts of climate change are already with us, and they are going to get worse. CEA has taken the lead on the development of a template to provide consistency and guidance for member companies as they develop these plans. With climate change, patterns of “normal” weather are shifting, with increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events. In recent years extreme weather events have occurred more frequently and with greater force than predicted. Under climate change, a trend towards wetter winters, and drier, hotter summers has been predicted. In reality we are beginning to see more variability in our weather patterns, with more extreme weather events. Table of Contents. Climate change will have significant challenges and benefits for agricultural producers in B.C.

Finland’s Climate Change Act of 2015 also requires a national adaptation plan. Adapting to Climate Change : An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities. Adapting to the changes that are already underway, and preparing for future climate change, can help reduce the risks societies will face from climate change.

Anticipated Changes. A few years ago I interviewed Sir David King, then the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, for a Battelle Project.

Climate change adaptation helps individuals, communities, organisations and natural systems to deal with those consequences of climate change that cannot be avoided.

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