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An Inspector Calls was written after World War Two. GCSE English (An Inspector Calls) Mind Map on An Inspector Calls (Key Quotes), created by Samira Choudhury on 18/04/2017. an inspector calls quotes.

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english literature.

Wrotham School – Quotation Revision ‘An Inspector Calls’ – Key Quotes Mr Birling “You’re just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted” 4 “I’m talking as a hard-headed, practical man of business… there isn’t a … Resource summary.

Welcome to Memrise! They have been sorted into specific themes and characters too. Ready to learn Act 2 3. This file contains all the quotes that are relevant to An Inspector Calls and could be used in the exam with some connotations. An Inspector Calls – Key Quotes Mr Birling ‘heavy looking, rather portentous man’ ‘a hard‐headed practical man of business’ ‘Yes, my dear, I know – I’m talking too much.’ ‘perhaps we may look forward to a time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer
Table of Contents1 An inspector calls quotes2 An Inspector calls quotes sheila An inspector calls quotes Other Quotes: Bob Marley Quotes/Chanakya Quotes/Pulp Fiction Quotes Gerald: “She was very pretty- soft brown hair and big dark eyes” (Act 2) -He shows how much he noticed the positive features of her to take the attention away from […] Start learning now! 4/4: Inspector Goole: Key Quotes - Analysis Now that we have seen his key quotes above, it is important to analyse the importance of these quotes. Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! gcse english literature. Ready to learn Act 1 2. an inspector calls. This helped change existing perceptions. 1. As many British men went away to fight during the war, their positions in work had to be filled by women.

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