The social role of intellectuals: Antonio Gramsci and the Italian renaissance (1978) GRAMSCI AND THE POLITICS OF EDUCATION This paper deals with aspects of Antonio Gramsci’s thinking on education and related cultural work, highlighting issues such as those of effective curricula, different forms of educators/intellectuals, work-oriented education and popular education which have resonance with contemporary debates in the field. It has been over sixty years since the Bolshevik Revolution and the formation of Communist Parties divided the international Marxist movement into two seemingly irreconcilable camps, each with its own tradition, political strategy and international allegiances.

The Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci developed the concept of cultural hegemony out of Karl Marx’s theory that the dominant ideology of society reflects the beliefs and interests of the ruling class. The strong affinity between the work of Antonio Gramsci and communication is based on several Gramscian communication-related themes and particular modes of … Gramsci wrote his Prison Notebooks under the surveillance of a fascist jailer and often felt compelled to disguise his real meaning. In his Prison Notebooks[1] (w. 1929-1935), he posited how dominant class ideology took shape and exerted its influence through the manufacture of consent. Those who want to present Antonio Gramsci as someone other than a revolutionary Marxist focus on the notebooks he wrote in prison. Hegemony (from 'The Formation of the Intellectuals' [1930-1932]) [in] Literary theory: an anthology Read 'Hegemony' (from 'The Formation of the Intellectuals' [1930-1932]) page … Introduction. Selections from Prison Notebooks: The Intellectuals Classics in Politics: Antonio Gramsci ElecBook 134 The Formation of the Intellectuals re intellectuals an autonomous and independent social group, or does every social group have its own particular specialised –Gramsci: Prison Notebooks. The Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci developed the key concept of cultural hegemony during his imprisonment by the Italian state under Mussolini’s fascist rule. Gramsci based his ideas of hegemony on the Marxist… The Formation of the Intellectuals Are intellectuals an autonomous and independent social group, or does ... Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) Born in Italy, Gramsci studied at the University of Turin, where he was influenced by the Italian idealist philosopher Benedetto Croce.

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