ET and shortly thereafter declared that … The firm was indicted for having approved Enron's books, and went out of business. After a six-week trial, Arthur Andersen was found guilty on June 16, 2002. Arthur Andersen (AA) contributed to the Enron disaster when AA consulting became its own separate entity, named Accenture. Some analysts also questioned whether the company could survive after this series of incidents. Revenues from consulting services surpassed revenue from auditing services. Arthur Andersen has been found guilty of obstructing justice by shredding documents relating to former client Enron. The ruling, issued May 31, said that the jury instructions in the June 2002 trial failed to convey that conviction requires "consciousness of wrongdoing," according to the law. A natural competitiveness grew between the two rivals and this is … Arthur Andersen Trial NPR's Cheryl Corley reports from Houston that the trial of accounting firm Arthur Andersen is under way.

The legacy of Enron/Arthur Andersen live on in various changes to the profession. The Andersen trial at-a-glance. Andersen now faces up to 5 years probation plus a $500,000 fine. Andersen, which audited Enron's accounts, went on trial in Houston, Texas, after allegations that employees had illegally destroyed thousands of documents and computer records relating to its scandal-hit client, which was based there. Enron's fall 2001 collapse wound up taking down the accounting firm Arthur Andersen, too.

The company was placed on probation for five years and was required to pay a $500,000 fine. BBC News Online looks at the events which helped bring one of the world's leading accounting firms to its knees. In a rare unanimous decision, the Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Arthur-Andersen Accounting for destroying documents related to their client Enron in the early days of the scandal. The 12-member jury reconvened at the Houston court house at 10 a.m.

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