So with that in mind, here are ten of the absolute best bad speeches ever. The delivery is entertainingly monotonous and sounds like as if he is not interested in giving it at all. The speech scene in Samurai Cop is possibly the worst (and yet the funniest) movie speech I have ever watched. Inspirational Movie Speeches I have racked up twenty movies that are on my list to watch over and over again, at least for the inspirational speeches in them. Add He is the master of sounding loud without screaming, in addition to sounding incredibly lound when he is actually screaming. 21 of The Most Motivational Movie Speeches of All Time Any Given Sunday – In 4 Minutes Al Pacino will make you want to conquer the world, that’s the kind of impact he has. This movie is garbage, the character is garbage, and the ham-fisted racial/environmental politics that are supposed to somehow be deep and intelligent are goddamn insulting. Sam Worthington in Avatar . When I come out of a movie, I want to feel like I can conquer the world, that everything is possible, and that good will win out in the end.

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