Our early attachment styles are established in childhood through the infant/caregiver relationship. Secure attachment.

How the Attachment Theory Developed . Attachment is a deep emotional bond between two people. Summary: Attachment theory emphasizes the importance of a secure and trusting mother-infant bond on development and well-being. Attachment Theory (Bowlby) 4 years ago • Child Development Theories, Learning Theories & Models • 1. Also Check Out.

4 Attachment styles. 1.

"The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals [is] a basic component of human nature," he explained.   Bowlby was interested in understanding the separation anxiety and distress that children experience when separated from their primary caregivers.

British psychologist John Bowlby was the first attachment theorist, describing attachment as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings."

Keeping this in mind, we know that one's attachment style will affect adult behavior in different ways.

In Bowlby and Ainsworth’s view, the attachment styles that children form based on their early interactions with caregivers form a continuum of emotion regulation, with anxious-avoidant attachment at one end and anxious-resistant at the other.

Characteristics of Attachment .

In addition to this, Bowlby believed that attachment had an evolutionary component; it aids in survival. 1. The idea was pioneered by John Bowlby, but his attachment theory, as well as Mary Ainsworth’s ideas about attachment styles, mostly focused on the relationship between an infant and an adult caregiver.Since Bowlby introduced the concept, psychologists have extended attachment research into adulthood. In child-rearing literature, many studies analyze the attachment theory styles and how this has a lifelong impact.

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