See the book for the full information and material. Categories Reading Answers Explained Tags Cambridge Book 1-13 Answers Post navigation Actual Listening Volume 3 Test 2 Explained Answer of Architecture Reaching for the Sky Get best Tips and Tricks to pass your IELTS Exam. Test 4 Task 1. Writing Task 1 – Answer for Cambridge English IELTS 12 Test 5 – Writing Part The chart demonstrates how the age factor influences the general physical activity of Australian male and female in 2010. The line graph outlines energy consumption in the USA from 1980 to the present day, with further projections up until 2030.Use is recorded in quadrillion units and is divided in to six categories, almost all of which display a general increase over time.. For the entirety of the period covered, petrol and oil usage is the highest. Cambridge Listening Book 3 Test 4 is the property of Cambridge IELTS practice sets and have been published on the request of IELTS preparing students. Cambridge IELTS 12 Test 1 Writing Task 1 7.0 Essay Posted on by | 0 Comments The bar chart below shows the percentage of Australian men and women in different age groups who did … IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Answer: Percentages of Sodium, Saturated Fats, Sugars in Meals (IELTS Cambridge 14) IELTS Writing Task 1: University Sports Centre Map (IELTS Cambridge 13) IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Answer: Bar Chart Production and Consumption of Electricity (IELTS Cambridge 13)

Many people panic when they see them but they get easier the more you practice. We do not owe the content in any way, neither have taken part in the production. Model Answer: Bar chart about fast food restaurants Bar charts are quite common in IELTS writing task 1 academic. This visual information is most commonly presented as line and bar graphs, pie charts or tables.. You might be asked to describe two graphs or charts. Practice IELTS mock tests online on Note: No copyright infringement intended. The most IELTSXpress is the Best website for IELTS Aspirants. In Academic Task 1 of the Writing module, you are expected to write a short descriptive report based on visual information or data.

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