Good writing responds to the interests and needs of its intended audience and at the same time, reflects the writer's personality and individuality (the author's voice). Image via Wikipedia Monica Bhide is a living example of the axiom that success is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Ah, but it’s also possible to describe a food—even one you normally like—in a way that totally robs the joy of eating it. Or to describe “iffy” foods like okra, black licorice, or liver and onions that are popular enough with some folks, but we just can’t abide ’em. It was a … Writing about food is writing about eating.

What makes food writing different from other forms of writing is its focus on the senses and the pleasure and enjoyment that ensues.

Vague: For dessert, I had their delicious Molten Lava Cake and ice cream. Which isn't to belittle Monica's talent as a food …

You want readers to see the colors of a ripe peach, feel its fuzzy down, smell its ripeness, hear the tearing crunch when biting into it, and taste its tangy flesh. Since we have all eaten, and we have all experienced the pure joy of a great meal, we all have a basic foundation from which to build our food genre platform. Instead, explain how a food tastes by using specific words to describe appearance, aroma, flavors, and textures. Vague words like good, delicious, or bad don’t communicate a food’s characteristics. Now to move to the next step, namely to write with some conviction and to write in a manner that will be interesting to readers. Good writing is often as much the result of practice and hard work as it is talent.

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