Pollutants: Definition and Classification of Pollutants! CLASSIFICATION OF WATER POLLUTANTS The various types of water pollutants can be classified in to following major categories: 1) Organic pollutants, 2) Pathogens, 3) Nutrients and agriculture runoff, 4) Suspended solids and sediments, 5) Inorganic pollutants (salts and metals), 6) Thermal Pollution 7) Radioactive pollutants. Definition: Any substance present in the environment in harmful concentration, which ad­versely alters the environment by damaging the growth rate of a species and by interfering with the food chains, is toxic and affects the health, comfort and property etc. 10.

10. However, they are classified in different […] Water pollution and types of water pollutants Water pollution: Any chemical, biological and environmental change in water causes adverse effect on health of living beings is called water pollution. • Aerosols are loosely defined as “any solid or liquid particles suspended in the air” . Classification of Air Pollutants 2. 12. Water pollutants Water pollutants are substances that can cause the water to gets dirty and polluted.

Soil pollutants Soil pollutants are chemicals that cause the nutrients of the soil to vanish. The following are pollutants which cause pollution. 11. •Air pollutants can present a real danger to living organisms as well as the wider environment. Article shared by: .

• Air pollutants can also be of primary or secondary nature.

First, a pollutant can be classified according to the nature of its origin as either a point source or a … Classification of Air Pollutants The variety of matter emitted into the atmosphere by natural and anthropogenic sources is so diverse that it is difficult to classify air pollutants neatly. Classification of water pollutants To understand the effects of water pollution and the technology applied in its control, it is useful to classify pollutants into various groups or categories. The biological effect of water pollution is its danger to our water supplies. Environmental Pollution: Pollutants Types, Agents, Classification, General Effects! Pollutants Pollutants are harmful substances that makes a place unfit for living. Adverse Effects of Air Pollutants.

is considered as a pollutant. ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about Air Pollutants:- 1. ; When certain substances are present in water beyond their … Water pollutants are also dangerous to all forms of marine life.

In order to meet the basic needs of increased population, the present society has undertaken a series of steps like rapid indus­trialisation, unplanned urbanization, deforestation, over … Pollution and Pollutants: Classification, Causes, Effects and Sources! • Air pollutants come in the form of gases and finely divided solid and liquid aerosols.

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