The color blue in the story symbolizes Gatsby's dreams and relationships. Color express mood and stresses importance of events in a novel.

When Nick sees Daisy and Jordan both lying on the couch a second time, they are “like silver idols weighing down their own white dresses against the singing breeze of the fans” (Fitzgerald 122). Even though color symbolism is not very noticeable, it can tell you a great deal about the story. Anyway, the lawn at Gatsby's house is an unhappy place as well. This article highlights the symbolism in The Great Gatsby, and the various themes prevalent in that era. Set in the '20s, The Great Gatsby tells the story through a third-person perspective, of Jay Gatsby, an enigmatic millionaire who throws first-rate parties. Often, these colors associate with a particular feeling of object. Another vivid color in The Great Gatsby is the bright yellow of Gatsby's giant car, which is famously described as a 'circus wagon' by Tom. Showing how the colors describe the person or thing both physically, and emotionally. It also refers to symbols writers use to convey specific meanings, and they vary depending on the circumstances. Even the most reluctant reader notices and appreciates Fitzgerald's masterful use of color symbolism throughout the novel to create mood, characterize, and develop themes.

Also, Gatsby's garden and clothes were described as blue in the novel. Pink Sometimes Gatsby comes up with the color pink. (116) → unfulfilled promise Gatsby's car has leather green seats → represents his hope and promise for a relationship with Daisy, however this dream is crushed and it is his car which runs Myrtle over. color symbols in The Great Gatsby." Yellow, white, and green all affect the mood of this novel. Silver is not a prominent color symbol in The Great Gatsby, however, there is one main scene in which it is an important symbol. "the luminosity of his pink suit under the moon" (Gatsby, p.136).

Color symbolism plays an important role in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925). In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, color symbolism is used extensively throughout the plot to represent issues and feelings of the characters. All the cars have the left rear wheel black in mourning wreath and there’s a persistent wail all night along the North Shore.” Context: Daisy and Nick are talking and Daisy asks Nick if
Briana Moore Mrs. Black Period: 9 4 March 2012 Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Authors often use color symbolism in their writing to show a deeper meaning. A man not known in the beginning, but surely known at end by the name of Jay Gatsby, reaching out to an “incorruptible. The colors are powerfully exercised to represent aspects of personality and life.

Symbolism means an artistic and poetic expression or style using figurative images and indirect ideas to express mystical concepts, emotions, and states of mind. The color symbolism in The Great Gatsby is represented by the colors green, gold, and black. The colors of white, yellow, and green are the most eminent, easily distinguishable from the rest, and representing purity, death, and hope. In The Great Gatsby, the color blue can be affiliated with fantasy, thoughts, and hopes.For example, Nick notices at Gatsby's house party that "in his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" (39). The corruption is illustrated by the color yellow.

The white symbolizes a mask, or a facade. In The Great Gatsby there are many symbols but the most important symbols are the colors white, yellow (gold), and the green light.

Ex: The ocean between Gatsby and Daisy separating West and East egg was described as a "blue lawn". When Gatsby and Daisy are finally together, "there was a pink and golden billow of foamy clouds above the sea" (p. 91).

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