Power does not depend on the level of management. Concept of Management: One way to analyse management is to think in terms of what a manager does. Concept of Management 2. September 17, 2015 by Umar Farooq. Authority depends on the level of management. While authority is described as an institutionalized power which is bestowed by the organization formally. Delegation is the assignment of any authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities.

Institutionalized and legal power inherent in a particular job, function, or position that is meant to enable its holder to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities. This type of authority is often seen as legitimate in bureaucratic systems, which enables impersonal, specific and formal structures of modern companies. Higher the level of management, higher will be the authority and vice-versa. Now we will broaden the concept of authority to understand it further. Authority relations involve (i) expectation of obedience, and (ii) willingness to obey. In the process of delegation, the superior transfers his duties/responsibilities to his subordinate and also give necessary authority for performing the responsibilities assigned. 3168 words (13 pages) Essay in Management. Authority, Responsibility and Accountability In Management It is necessary to have brief understanding of three terms intimately connected with the concept and process of delegation. 14 principles of Management are statements that are based on a fundamental truth. Power can exist at any level of management. Authority is the legitimate power which one person or group possesses and practices over another. In olden days, it was the basic element that made the organizations smoothly working. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are … Level of Management. Authority Definition – Types of Authority in Management. The most fundamental authority in an organization, consisting of the right to make decisions and to give orders concerning the production, sales, or finance-related behavior of subordinates, is known as _____. Power is a broader concept than authority. They are drawn up by means of observations and analyses of events that managers encounter in practice. 5/12/16 Management Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. These principles of management serve as a guideline for decision-making and management actions. All people who have the authority should know what is the scope of their authority is and they shouldn’t misutilize it. We have learned the difference between authority and power. A civil state usually makes this formal by way of a judicial branch and an executive branch of government. This concept of authority goes against the traditional view, which regards it, a ‘top-down’ command; the boss has right to issue orders and the subordi­nates have their duty to act on them faithfully. Taking a moment to look at this will help us frame out the difference in power, leadership, authority and influence.

Authority has rational legal implications while power may or may not have such implications. Authority must be well- defined. Authority refers to the official capacity to make a decision or take an action. Process 4. Authority always flows from …

Authority, Responsibility and Accountability are Inter-related They need proper consideration while introducing delegation of authority within an Organisation. You can view samples of our professional work here. Authority is defined as the right to give orders, supervise the work of others & make certain decisions. Comments. A civil state usually makes this formal by way of a judicial branch and an executive branch of government.

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