‘the consumer society with its all-pervasive materialism’ ‘Consumers should be able to vent at poor service, it is an incredibly important part of a consumer society.’ ‘We were transformed, beginning that period, from a producer society into a consumer society.’ Chinese consumers are facing progressive westernisation such as the demand for imported wine, which is perceived as a luxury product. In a consumer society, consumer choices have a significant impact on people and planet. The money spent by consumer advocacy groups is often small as compared to that spent on lobbying by producers. Consumer advocacy groups may also engage in lobbying to promote laws and regulations that benefit consumers or prevent laws and regulations that harm consumers. Source for information on consumer society: A Dictionary of Sociology dictionary.

Consumer society’s environmental cost, such as planned obsolescence or waste levels increasing, is a dangerous threat for sustainable development These days, all the products and goods we need are at our fingertips, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. But the consumer society boom gave rise to a growing uneasiness typical of the third period which culminated with the crisis of 1974-6. Because we live in a society where you are judged by what you consume, if you do not have much money to consume in the first place then it’s easy to see how someone who is poor may feel lesser or on the outskirts. Chinese society is becoming a consumer society thanks to economic development, which has brought about a revolution in values. The demand for luxury and branded products cannot be fully satisfied by domestic production.

consumer society A term sometimes applied to modern Western societies, which suggests that they are increasingly organized around consumption (of goods and leisure), rather than the production of materials and services. In theory, environmental and social problems caused by producers could be solved by dollar voting where by consumers only buy things from firms that have demonstrated responsible environmental stewardship and fair dealings with communities.

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