Portfolio Site Examples To close out this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite portfolio sites . Remember, while it’s good to know what your team did, when you’re being considered for a job, they want to know what YOU did as part of that team. Graphic design...and more! So For Your Inspiration Here Are Some Great Graphic Design Portfolio Examples 01. 11 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs. Social media copy (one of my favourites!) Tailored content for client websites; Managing social media pages for multiple clients.

The short answer is: pretty much anyone who is a designer, artist, photographer, programmer, filmmaker, or works in a creative field. Built with Journo Portfolio Editor Portfolio Examples Explore this selection of handpicked portfolios built with Journo Portfolio. Digital content creator Anne Gould is a great example of a writer who uses Clippings.me to showcase work in various multimedia formats. Free with Creative Cloud, Portfolio is the best place to build a photography website. What should I include? She has sections of her portfolio dedicated specifically to video and photo content and explicitly states in her bio that one of her core interests is telling stories through video. Social media copy (one of my favourites!) What should I leave out? Quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase your creative work with Adobe Portfolio.

Video marketing/editing. They can also create offline content such as brochures, client packets and so on, but today, we’ll be focusing specifically on digital content creation.

Now included free with any Creative Cloud subscription.

Kha Von is professional logo designer who has been a regular freelancer at Designhill since over three years now.
Option #1: Self-publish niche blog posts in your freelance writing portfolio. 15 Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You . Writes online for living.She writes content from marketing perspective and does … Documenting history. They usually target a specific end-user/audience in specific contexts. Marketers and brands around the world know there’s more to social media content creation and editing than meets the eye. The range of themes means all portfolios are different. Video marketing/editing. Creator of the Learn to Code With Me blog + podcast. eBooks.

The people featured are a diverse bunch of writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers, but all have sites that do an excellent job of showing off their work to potential clients or employers. Digital Marketing | Social Media.

How to Make a Portfolio. Portfolios show your creative or professional talents in a way that is far more extensive and elaborate than a résumé offers. Online portfolios are more than just a way for creative people to market and showcase their skills. A content creator is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media.

What should I say? Laurence Bradford. Creating Content That Cares My portfolio as a content creator consists of the following: A 1,000+ radio scripts; Dozens of blogs on an assortment of topics for a variety of industries.
Kha Von . A content creator can contribute any of the following: Blog posts. Portfolio Website Copywriter and Strategist for Entreprenuers and Small Businesses Website Copywriting for Graphic Designer, AllieMarie Design .

When I was putting together my portfolio, I took screenshots of analysis metrics that showed what I contributed and why when I was running the social media ship good things happened. Here are a couple examples of posts I self-published when I started out as a IT/Tech copywriter: I cover an assortment of matters—art, entertainment, health, beauty, food, businesses and profiles—while soaking up the South Florida … Periodista con base en Madrid, actualmente redactor y portadista en Bolsamanía.

After solidifying Allison’s brand voice and creating SEO-optimized website copywriting, we saw incredible results! Content Creator / Editor Resume Examples & Samples Edits raw footage received from photographers, file materials and network feeds into voice overs and packages for reporters Ensures the communication and execution of production changes as it relates to the edited material for various newscasts

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