However it's base on the assumption that everything is perfect, and the technologies in the future will solve the food production problems, and people start moving out of the Earth surface. To produce 1 kg of wheat, between 500 and 4,000 liters of water is needed. Most population experts think planet Earth can support about 10 billion people, and that when our population reaches that number, it will start to decline.

[1], and will not repeat myself. Tim Radford. It will take less than 500 years for the world population growing from 7 billions to 1 trillion, if there is no major event that ends the civilizations. This will likely happen by the year 2100.

However, very unlikely. Looking for a sci-fi novel for ideas or some reference to handling worlds with a population of one trillion. On the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, the world faces stark choices about economic recovery, inequality, health care, energy and development. Thu 11 Nov 2004 07.21 EST First published on Thu 11 Nov 2004 07.21 EST. Such as what kind of tech is involved with feeding everyone. Yes. 1 kg of chocolate, meanwhile, requires a whopping 17,196 liters of water. I have written on that many times (e.g. Another 15,415 liters of water go into producing 1 kg of beef, while 1 kg of chicken meat necessitates expending 4,325 liters of water. I disagree with answers saying that Earth cannot sustain even current population. That’s about 130 x the people we have now.

Are there orbiting archologies with space elevators, etc. However, 100 trillion is about 10,000 times the likely peak population we will reach. How many people can the Earth support? ... Nobody knows how many people the planet could hold.

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