Arthur Danto leaves behind a legacy that has dramatically changed the art world.

What Art Is challenges. In candor, the first session was so intense that I wondered what there could be left to say. Inhistheory ofthe"endofart"Danto makes an .." He alleges that, "Danto has not theorized the different force of the new, allegedly non-historical art criticism, and it seems to me that it cannot be theorized. Danto and the end of art.

Arthur Danto’s best-known essay, "The End of Art," continues to be cited more than it is understood. Arthur Danto (1924–2013) was an American art historian, critic and thinker, author of many books on aesthetics, art, and philosophy. After the End of Art presents Danto's first full-scale reformulation of his original insight, showing how, with the eclipse of abstract expressionism, art has deviated irrevocably from the narrative course that Vasari helped define for it in the Renaissance. But in fact the intensity was-well- Elkins considers Danto inconsistent in writing historically about art, despite having pronounced that we have reached the end of art or of art's history. Philosopher, and art-critic, Arthur Danto's “The End of Art” is considered one of the most important and influential essays on art in the 20th century.
What was Danto’s argument? 30 Oct 2013 11:02 GMT . Press (2013), 192 pages The title of the late Arthur Danto’s final book is bold. At the End of His Life, the Philosopher Arthur C. Danto Finally Decides What Art Is Review The Arts What Art Is by Arthur C. Danto Yale Univ.
He was president of American Society for Aesthetics, vice president and president of the American Philosophical Association, editor of Journal of Philosophy and a regular contributor to Naked Punch Review and Artforum .

THE END OF ART: A PHILOSOPHICAL DEFENSE 129 leaving two and a half hours for the give and take carried forward by the more extended papers printed here. Is art really over? Inthe"End of Art,"Dantoputs fortha theorythatwasfirstpublishedas a short commentary inthe Soho News6 and later, inamore complete form, as the lead essay ina book titled The Death ofArt7 in 1984. by Santiago Zabala. "end ofart" has upon current and future art-making. The influence is undeniable, the importance determined by how important people take it to be, and the underlying arguments in relation to reality bonkers. Art ended before I was born,…

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