The science editor has sole responsibility for the decision to accept or reject a manuscript, and that decision is final. It indicates that the editor has seen some merit in your study, but it is not publishable in its current form. The decision is sent to the author. Except, I don't have the code to access to my PI account. The peer-reviewers will be blinded with respect to the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s). On the basis of the external reviews and their own reading, the editor makes a decision on the manuscript (accept, revise, reject but encourage resubmission, reject). Motivation: Honestly, we believed that our contribution would be a good fit for Nature … But what if you didn’t have to go through that process again? 5. So I've no idea of any advancement. No one likes manuscript rejections.

Publishing is a game of risk-taking behaviour and strategy. Manuscript Status Descriptions. Decision. Springer Nature Transfer Desk. The second field can be any title. 1389 Accesses. The first line has four fields - "sent" or "queued" | letter title | letter type | decision type.
If the scale of revisions means that the authors would need a long period of time and the manuscript would need extensive reworking, it may be suitable to reject the manuscript but invite the authors to resubmit. Corresponding Authors are encouraged to access the status of their manuscripts at any time by logging into Editorial Manager as an Author and locating the submission in one of the queues on the Author Main Menu. Paul Riss 1 International Urogynecology Journal volume 23, pages 811 – 812 (2012)Cite this article.

Metrics details. Many submissions are declined without being sent for review. The best is that when the author writes a report objecting the editor decision, he/she would explain why they are wrong. Krebs submitted his findings to Nature but was faced with rejection. Taking the hassle out of resubmitting .

The first field indicates whether the letter/email should be queued into the "Queued E-mail" folder on the Staff Desktop, or sent directly out to the intended recipient. My first paper is exactly in this process now. 稿件状态显示Decision sent to author,但快两周了没有收到任何邮件,是悲剧了么? 作者 压力脸大君 来源: 小木虫 650 13 举报帖子 +关注. Typically, the original article of manuscript is handled by an Associate Editor who selects two investigators in the same field or most closely related field as referees according to recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief or the Editorial Board. The peer review process III: when the decision is made. Never has Frank Sinatra’s famous quote been truer: ‘The best revenge is massive success.’ Nature has admitted to many other such faux pas in its publishing history and it is not unique in its misjudgements. And perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of rejections is the problem of finding another suitable journal and submitting your manuscript again. The journal decision-making process is indeed a long and complex one and the authors are not always clear about each step in the process. The corresponding author clicks the link in the decision letter to access the manuscript transfer service page, ... and a confirmation email with the new manuscript ID is sent to the corresponding author. Non-decision letters do not have the last field. From the author's perspective, the decision by the editor is the long-awaited final event in the peer review process. Nature has space to publish only 8% or so of the 200 papers submitted each week, hence its selection criteria are rigorous. Maybe one day he will … A 'Reject and resubmit' decision is very similar to 'Revise and resubmit. ' The authors will be sent the comments of the reviewers and Editor and asked to revise accordingly. Reject: This is an outright rejection decision, and in most cases, the journal will not publish the paper or reconsider it even if the author makes major revisions.

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