Her stories appeared mainly in The Mother Magazine, which was published in Elgin, Illinois, as early as 1907, and her poems, the earliest of which were written in the 1870's, were published as early as the 1880's. As It Was in the Beginning. AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING by E Pauline Johnson Johnson’s tale (and her performance of it) would be grist for a Kent Monkman satirical painting or a Quentin Tarrentino revenge film. As It Was in the Beginning by E. Pauline Johnson E. Pauline Johnson’s story, As It Was in the Beginning, was very interesting to read.
The story “As It Was in the Beginning”, by E. Pauline Johnson, a member of the Cree tribe a Canadian Aboriginals, is about Esther, a young Aboriginal woman who left her family to become educated and converted to Christianity.
On should face cultural, religious, geographical, mental, psychological and social hostility while leaving the native country. She misses the more natural surroundings of her people. "As It Was In The Beginning" by E. Pauline Johnson [E. Pauline Johnson wrote around the turn of the century. Instead of the usual romantic moments and happy endings, it depicts dark thoughts and sad ending. Johnson, E. Pauline // Writing the Cross Culture: Native Fiction on the White Man's Rel;2006, p18 The short story "As It Was in the Beginning," by E. Pauline Johnson is presented.

The story is about a difficult situation to be experienced while spending life in a foreign country. As It Was in the Beginning - Summary: The story “As It Was in the Beginning” is written by E. Pauline Johnson.

She has learned the white man’s ways but is very homesick.

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