The paper explains the virtue theory from an Aristotelian perspective and demonstrates how virtuous doctors can use the theory to judge euthanasia patients. Emergency departments across the globe follow a triage system in order to cope with overcrowding. Part A. This paper will consider the ethical complexities of euthanasia. Critics still argue that moral skepticism conflicts with common sense. Whether it is morally acceptable or not really depends on whatever maxim you decide to follow, and as long as it can be universalised it can be used to approach Euthanasia.

The intention behind triage is to improve the emergency care and to prioritize cases in terms of clinical urgency. 2) But active euthanasia eliminates more suffering more than passive euthanasia (because it’s quicker).

Ethical Theories on Mercy Killing: Utilitarianism and Kantian Application If someone has a terminal illness and are in pain, they may seek assisted suicide in mercy. Virtue Ethics: it might be the most courageous/compassionate thing to do. Unfair that it is legal in some countries and not in other. The objective and purpose of this paper is to dispute and argue against the use of active euthanasia as a cautious selection of choice to end a persons’ life based on the purposes of relieving pain and suffering for that person using Kantian theory to best support this claim. 1) The justification for passive euthanasia is that it eliminates pointless suffering. Arguments in support of voluntary euthanasia A.1 Rights of individuals in a democracy. Social networking technologies open up a new type of ethical space in which personal identities and communities, both ‘real’ and virtual, are constructed, presented, negotiated, managed and performed. This meta-ethical position about the epistemic status of moral beliefs need not trickle down and infect anyone’s substantive moral beliefs or actions. 3) Therefore, if passive euthanasia is justified, then active euthanasia is more justified. Everyone has the right to die with dignity and respect. Having said this, Kant also had another strong ethical view. Situation Ethics: It might be the most loving thing to end someone's suffering. In this situation, death is unavoidable and their suffering is in vain. Euthanasia shortens the grief/suffering for both the patient and family/friends. John Stuart Mill, one of the architects of democratic doctrine, advanced the principle that ‘the only purpose for which power can be rightly exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.

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