Kristeva begins her argument by explaining that language, our "fundamental social code" is a system of signs and strategy that is set up in logical sequences for communication and understanding.… She also offers a brief historical context of the field of the study of the linguistics in order to introduce the grounds of her argument. The paper deals with the challenging view of language and literature held by Julia Kristeva and some of its implications for feminist studies and gender criticism. The paper discusses Kristeva's (r)evolutionary semiotics as related to the In her essay “The ethics of linguistics”, Julia Kristeva questions whether or not the field of linguistics is able to give a full scientific explanation of language, through the use of poetic discourse. In Julia Kristeva's "The ethics of linguistics," she addresses the definition of linguistics by investigating poetics, Roman Jakobson's opinions on linguistics, and interpretation of language. Kristeva begins her argument by outlining the ethics of linguistics and mentioning several famous figures, such as Freud and Roman Jakobson, and their contributions to the field of linguistics.

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