William Bright. The process of social change is inevitable and universal and will go on in spite of the rigidity of normative order. Search for more papers by this author ... linked with traditional literature and established social values, and they discourage departure from the established norms. Though change is all aroundus, we do not refer to all of it as social change. Boulder, Colorado. Collective behavior and social movements are just two of the forces driving social change, which is the change in society created through social movements as well as external factors like environmental shifts or technological innovations.Essentially, any disruptive shift in the status quo, be it intentional or random, human-caused or natural, can lead to social change. Social Change: Meaning, Factors of Social Change . The need may be for better food production, or better work conditions or better protection from enemies or diseases. The main causes of Social change are as follows: 1. They come from the bottom, up. Introduction: Change is a very broad concept. Social Factors in Language Change. When a thinly settled frontier fills up with people the hospitality pattern fades away, secondary group relations multiply, institutional structures grow more elaborate and many other changes follow.

The process of change is common in all societies no matter complex or primitive. The biological principles of natural […] Change Resisting Factors: Biological Factors: Among the biological factors is the qualitative aspect of the population related to heredity. A population change is itself a social change but also becomes a casual factor in further social and cultural changes. Text . By social change, Kingsley Davis meant only such alterations that affect the organisation, structure and functions of society. Social scientists have underlined social change in terms of a change in relationships, organisation, culture, institution, structure and functioning of the social system. Thus, physical growth of a person from year to year or change of seasons does not fall under the concept of social change. All persistent cultural and societal changes emerge from need. The qualitative aspect of population is based upon powerful and great men and their birth is dependent to large extent, upon heredity and mutation. Man by nature is a lover of change.

Cultural factors change from generation to generation and they bring about the change in the society • Psychological factors: Psychological factors are important elements in social change.

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