Legal language is, in part, the language that is used by the legislature to communicate with the people. These are the general approaches to interpretation of statutes.

Primary Rules of Interpretation are discussed hereunder.

PRINCIPLES RELATING TO THE INTERPRETATION OF STATUTES AND CONSTITUTIONS Overview In this unit we will introduce some of the principles relating to statutes. "1'' This Some amount of interpretation is often necessary when a case involves a statute.

Maxwell’s ‘Interpretation of Statutes’ has defined statute as the will of the legislature.

Overview : Rules of Interpretation Rule of Literal Interpretation The Mischief Rule Golden Rule of Interpretation Rule of Harmonious Construction There are certain general principles of interpretation which have been applied by Courts from time to time. Statutory interpretation is the process by which courts interpret and apply legislation. Interpretation of statues to render justice is the primary function of the judiciary.

Judicial interpretation of the meaning of a I.

The term interpretation means “To give meaning to”.

The Court has nothing to do with the question whether the Legislature has committed an absurdity. Governmental power has been divided into three wings namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.

Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation book pdf: Download Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation book pdf for 2nd year students.

Neither can be ignored. General principles The age old process of application of the enacted law has led to formulation of certain rules of interpretation. Introduction . Statutory Interpretation: General Principles and Recent Trends Congressional Research Service Summary The exercise of the judicial power of the United States often requires that courts construe statutes to apply them in particular cases and controversies.

Usually, it refers to the act that is enacted by the legislature. The term statute is generally applied to laws and regulations of every sort law which ordains, permits or prohibits anything which is designated as a statute, without considering from what source it arises. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF INTERPRETATION. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF INTERPRETATION : At the outset, it must be clarified that, it is only when the intention of the legislature as expressed in the statute is not clear, that the Court in interpreting it will have any need for the rules of interpretation of statutes. Interpretation must depend on the text and the context, as they are the bases of interpretation.If the text is the texture, context gives the colour. A particular clause or expression is construed by construing the whole instrument and any dominant purposes that it may express.

Principles of Interpretation of Statutes 207 lisher MR in R. v. The Judge of the City of London Court14 where he stated that "[ijf the words of an Act are clear you must follow them, even though they lead to manifest absurdity.

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