nomade asked, what is a good score to get admission into any of top 20 US B-schools ? The answer to this is- all the material that is needed to score a 700+ is available to you. I scored a 580 overall (35 on math, 35 on verbal). As my score breakup suggests, I am an engineer. I attempted GMAT last week and scored 680: q51, v30, IR 6. Found the link: Gmat SC Download. and 4 on IR. But surprisingly, only 10% of the test-takers are able to score 700+. Finished my GMAT a couple of days back. I recently gave the GMAT. Although I feel that 700: What was your math score? Although my friends are telling me it's a decent score, I know in my heart that I could've scored 700+. 41: How did Magoosh help you? The 2019 Gmat book questions are about 500 - 600 level I believe which won't be of challenge after a while. DM me your email and i'll send you what I have. I was getting a 35 in verbal in …
A bit disappointed with my score, since I was consistently scoring 750+ in my GMAT Preps.
This was the first time I took the actual GMAT. The mean GMAT score of the 90,541 tests taken by U.S. citizens in the 2012-2013 testing year was all of 532 on a scale of 200 to 800. Hi everyone. I had good luck googling question packages on Gmatclub (put in Gmat club sc question download). I plan to apply to top-tier business schools for Msc(Finance) programs. 44: What was your verbal score? What Your GMAT Score Means , Your GMAT percentiles and score may not mean what you think. In New Zealand, where test takers averaged the highest score, the mean GMAT was 608, a score that is in the 65th percentile and a formidable 76 points higher than the U.S. average.

My score breakup was: 48Q/40V.

What was your overall score on the actual GMAT? Several weeks ago I took a practice exam via the free software from If it was that simple to follow a step-by-step procedure, there would have been a large number of students belonging to the category of 700+.

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