Guy de Maupassant Short Stories A Sale | 2,100 words.

The book contains 1003 pages, but the stories are written in two columns on each page so in essence it is over 2000 pages, a wealth of material to enjoy. Guy de Maupassant is regarded as the best French writer of short stories. Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) wrote nearly 300 short stories during his life. “Boule de suif” (“Ball of Fat”) is regarded as his best story, while the best known is “La Parure” (“The Necklace”). De Maupassant was also a naturalist with a tendency to lean towards the bleaker side of real life. Guy de Maupassant is along with O. Henry and Y. L. Peretz one of the great short story writers. Brument and Cornu are in court, accused of the attempted murder by drowning of Brument’s wife. The Entire Original Maupassant Short Stories, by Guy de Maupassant Maupassant Original Short Stories The Project Gutenberg EBook of Maupassant Original Short Stories (180), Complete, by Guy de Maupassant This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at …

The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant and over 8 million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Bellflower | 1,800 words. This 1903 book contains de Maupassant's stories from his ten books. From Wikisource.

They were uneven at times yet distinct in style. Full of irony, deception, narrative drama, arguments & quarrels. His 300 stories were written in the naturalist style and often described the life of the lower and middle classes. Although his active literary career began in 1880 and lasted only ten years, Guy de Maupassant was nevertheless an extraordinarily productive writer whose short stories dealt with such diverse themes as war, prostitution, marital infidelity, religion, madness, cultural misunderstanding between the French and the English, and life in the French provinces, especially his native Normandy.

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