34, no. Include the full title of the journal in your reference. In-text citation: (Part no./Issue/Month). If a source contains no page numbers, such as a webpage or online newspaper articles, do not include a page number in the relevant reference entries. for a range of pages. 2, pp.

However if the article is only available online (for example there are no page numbers) reference as below.

In an effort to simplify journal referencing, as long as the journal reference provides enough bibliographic information for the article to be located, other elements no longer need to be included, for example [Online], database title and URL. Issue number of journal. Abbreviated titles are not used in the Leeds Harvard style. In Harvard style, to reference a journal article, you need the author name(s), the year, the article title, the journal name, the volume and issue numbers, and the page range on which the article appears. Use p. to reference a single page, and pp. AUTHOR(S) (date) Title of article. numbers. Indirect quote . For example: How to reference a journal article in Harvard style.

Citing a source if page numbers are not available. In Harvard referencing, in-text citations contain the author(s)’s or editor(s)’s surname, year of publication and page number(s). Leeds Harvard: Journal article Reference examples. Page range of article. For direct quotations from a source without pagination, use the major sections, headings or chapters and paragraph (para.) doi (if available). Referencing journal articles: Examples Material Type In-Text Example Reference List Examples; Direct quote. Journal Article: Print or Online. no. 175-194. [Online] Vol. Date published 20 May 2020 by Jack Caulfield.. Title of journal. Using an example author James Mitchell, this takes the form: Mitchell (2017, p. 189) states.. Or (Mitchell, 2017, p. 189) (Note: p. refers to a single page, pp. Note: Journal articles taken from the Internet or a database should be cited as print using the rules above. Example: Gray, L 2018, 'Exploring how and why young people use social networking sites', Educational Psychology in Practice, vol. Page reference.

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