Please note that The American Institute of Stress does not own the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory and cannot give permission for reprinting or publication. STRESS SCALES FOR ADULTS AND YOUTH Here you can look up representative changes in your life and see how much stress value each of these changes is adding to your life. The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe decided to study whether or not stress contributes to illness. The scale is based on averages. NOTE ALL EVENTS YOU MAY HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS. ! The!scale!is!based!onaverages. Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale for Youth SCORING Each event should be considered if it has taken place in the last 12 months.

Life Event 1. has!beenwidely!confirmedandvalidated! The Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory PDF Score your life stress inventory using the downloadable PDF below or take our Online Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Asessment: Download the PDF Instructions Mark down the point value of each of these life events that has The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory The Social Readjustment Rating Scale INSTRUCTIONS: Mark down the point value of each of these life events that has happened to you during the previous year. Your susceptibility to illness and mental health problems: Low < 149 – You are relatively stress free. To measure stress according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, a modified scale has … Total up your score. Total these associated pointed. The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is well researched and its underlying theoretical basis has been widely confirmed and validated . Before interpreting your results however, it is important to bear a number of points in mind. Add values to the right of each item to obtain the total score.

Your risk of having any health problems due to stress is low The!Holmes!and!Rahe!Stress!Scale!is!well!researched!and!its!underlying!theoretical!basis! Death of spouse … 300 points or more | 80% chance of health breakdown in the next 2 years, according to the Holmes-Rahe statistical prediction model. (Adapted from the "Social Readjustment Rating Scale" by Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe. They surveyed more than 5,000 medical patients and asked them to say whether they had experience any of a series of 43 life events in the previous two years. We are all unique in the way stress affects us.

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