Sometimes speaking in a way that things would normally be written, or writing in a way that people speak can lead to language sounding strange, unnatural or inappropriate. Written Language promotes communication across space and time. 1. The result of such studies is called descriptive grammar.
Spoken Language is mostly used between two people who are in the same place. In modern linguistics we are taught to describe languages as they are actually spoken or written. Students need to see the difference between spoken and written English. Permanence. There are many differences that can be noted between written and spoken language. The Relationship Between Spoken and Written English "[I]n the course of the language's history, the relationship between spoken and written English has come nearly full circle. Written vs Spoken language. Differences between writing and speech. Spoken language is what one […] However some forms of writing are closer to speech than others, and vice versa. Written Language is more formal and complex than spoken language. Written English refers to the English language one notices in texts and other such materials. However, in American English, ‘on’ is used instead of the former and ‘in’ for the latter. The following are some generalizations, to which there are certain exceptions. Written Language can use heading, punctuation, layouts, etc.

In British English, ‘at’ is the preposition in relation to time and place. Key Difference – Written English vs Spoken English One can clearly discern a variety of differences between the written English and spoken English as there are many elements where a clear contrast can be observed. While there may be certain differences between British and American English, the key takeaway is that the two have more similarities. Spoken Language can use tone, pitch, volume, etc. Final point. Written and spoken language differ in many ways. Written discourse is fixed and stable so the reading can be done at whatever time, speed and level of thoroughness the individual reader wishes.

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