Zaha Hadid's will reveals details of her multi-million-pound estate, of which former business partner Patrik Schumacher is the only non-family beneficiary.

However, there are many unexpected and bizarre aspects about this pioneer architect in her career, her academic life, and even her personal life that go beyond the limit of concrete and steel . The British-Iraqi architect is known for her futuristic buildings with dramatic, swooping lines that seem to defy gravity and linearity.
2009 erhielt Sie zudem den japanischen Praemium imperiale. Zaha Hadid is one of a generation of "starchitects" who competed for and won high-profile commissions for cultural institutions worldwide. 10 Unpredictable Facts You Never Knew About Zaha Hadid Known as “Queen of the curves”, Zaha Hadid for some people may come across as just another starchitect who produced eye-catching forms. The building contains exhibition spaces, a library, a museum and concert venues as well as a theatre. He joined the firm in 1988. According to the website, Patrik and Zaha were involved in all projects. The designs of Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid (born 1950) are daring and visionary experiments with space and with the relationships of buildings to their urban surroundings. Zaha Hadid Posted September 9, 2014 -- Updated May 19 The first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, Zaha Hadid defined a radical new approach to architecture with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life. Zaha Mohammad Hadid, geboren am 31.10.1950 in Bagdad, war eine Architektin, Archtitekturprofessorin und Designerin aus dem Irak mit britischer Staatangehörigkeit, die 2004 als erste Frau den bedeutendsten Architekturpreis, den Pritzker-Preis, der als Nobelpreis der Architektur gilt, gewann.

Zaha Hadid: Wheels on wheels. Zaha was never married nor had any children, but if we can name one important man in her life, it would be, Patrik Schumacher –who is Zaha’s Company Director and Senior Designer.

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