They are coming from Northern California, from the town of Weed.

Get an answer for 'After Curley's wife killed by Lennie, in Of Mice and Men, how did it affect the relationship between George, Lennie and Candy?' At the start of the book, Lennie and George are just coming to the little heavenly bit of the Salinas River near Soledad. Why does George kill Lennie? Created by. Lennie is just such an innocent. Without a dream, there is no hope. How does George feel after killing Lennie in 'of mice and men'?

If there were no dream, then the bond between the two men wouldn’t have lasted. Neither.

PLAY. Maybe then people might have understood. George gets companionship, and he also gets a chance to dream.

How does George feel about Lennie in Of Mice and Men? George killing Lennie was justified because Lennie did kill Candys wife. Even though Lennie has a mental disability doesnt make it right to kill someone. Curly and his lynch mob were moments away.

He tempers George's worldly weariness with the constant presence of discovery and hope even as he plagues George's life with the threat of misunderstanding and ignorant folly. The Essay on Consequences Of Sin Deception Lennie George .


By killing Lennie, George puts an end to the unrealistic dream in which Lennie would have created problems in making the dream farm profitable. George killed Lennie because someone else was going to, or they were going to put him in a mental institution. Lennie needs George for basic survival and without him, Lennie’s life would not be very long. in the brush where George told him to go if he gets in trouble. But, George killing Lennie was better than someone else doing it. George may get tired of the rabbits, but he still tells Lennie's favorite bedtime story about their dream farm, and he still looks after Lennie as much as he can. George is a man of morals and when Lennie killed Curley’s wife, he broke the biggest moral law which forced him to kill Lennie: ”You hadda, George” Slim tells George that shooting Lennie was morally the right thing to do and that he should feel honoured, because he did the right thing. The hunting dogs were closing in perhaps seeking a vengeance for one of their own.

Although Lennie was annoying, the reasoning for killing him shows you that George thought did the right thing to kill Lennie. But then he uncovers the pup and strokes it again, realizing that George will know he killed it because George always knows and Lennie won't get to tend the rabbits. Gravity.

3 pages, 1264 words. How do the characters in Lennies dream treat him. Steinbeck clearly shows how important friends are and how they can support and help you in a number of different ways.

Of Mice and Men Chapter 6. I.E Carlson killing Candys dog.

How did George and Lennie meet in Of Mice and Men?

... She stopped giving them to him because he kept killing them as he would pinch their heads when they bit him.

After Curley’s wife does, so does the dream. Of Mice and Men Essay Lennie needs George more than George needs Lennie.

George needed Lennie to share that dream with, so when one is taken away, everything collapsed.

I know that he didnt mean any harm he shouldnt have ran.

In Of Mice and Men, George kills Lennie to spare him from a painful death at the hands of the mob. His thoughts, though, focus on the pattern he and George have established when Lennie does bad things: George scolds him, threatens to leave him, and then ends up telling him once again about their dream of a ranch. Both Lennie and George would be nothing without each other. Describe Lennies Hallucination. Terms in this set (57) Where does Lennie hide.


They have been hitchhiking this way so that they can get to the ranch where they have been told they will work.

Summary. In many ways, Lennie completes George. In regards to Curley's wife, Lennie simply knows that he "did a bad thing" and that the consequences will be severe. See Full Answer. It was best that he was shot because he would of gone through so much suffering.

The World Will Dream as One. It was a choice made from love and compassion. Test.

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