3. My parents were not writers and they didn't really read very much either. Poetry writing requires no license, no education, and no experience. All you need to get started is a pen and some paper. Tap into your own feelings. 1. Write about subjects that matter to you. There is real value in the act of making a poem, even if it doesn’t catch on with readers or get published. Let your subject find you. If you want to become a poet, here are some words of advice | HelloGiggles There is a place for poetry — and all its incarnations — everywhere. One some level, all poetry is good, because it’s a form of expression. Many people come to poetry because it’s an accessible form of self-expression, and it’s highly therapeutic. Poets are … Top 10 tips for being a successful poet. 4. Strengthen your poetry skills. In fact, many writers discovered their calling because they were compelled to write poetry at a young age. My Dad once told me he had only read half ... 2.

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