You may like to use aspects of your portfolio to provide evidence for formal probation review, progression or promotion processes. A portfolio supports you in your role as an academic by creating a record of your reflection, development and achievements over time. With the majority of scholarship deadlines falling between October and April, now is a good time to gather the necessary documents required for many of these programs. March 4, 2017 at 11:56 pm. Developing an academic portfolio. Comments. But many scholarship applications may require you to submit a portfolio, samples of your artwork. Nonetheless, a well-built stock portfolio is likely to outperform other investments over time. The stock market and its potential for risk intimidates many people. Next. Plenty of scholarships are available for aspiring artists or those with a creative streak. This could include essays, letters of recommendation or even a portfolio of your work. Previous. Tuition fees rise continually and the search for the most appropriate school is now harder than ever due to numerous learning institutions around us.

The Scholarship Portfolio: What’s In It & Why You Need One When scholarship hunting, you’ll discover that scholarships require certain documents. Students are heading back to school, which means one thing — scholarship season is about to go into full swing. Plenty of scholarships ask for more than just a simple application when you apply. In fact, the caring truth is if you’re missing even one document, your application will be rejected. Joanne Mae says.

What is an academic portfolio and what should it include? While studying at Curtin there are many opportunities to engage in activities and build your portfolio in leadership and community service. Filed Under: College Tagged With: college, scholarships. How to Build a Winning Scholarship Portfolio. How to Build a Stock Portfolio. For additional information on scholarships, check out these posts on How to Create a Scholarship Portfolio, How to Apply to Scholarships (the right way), Where to Find Scholarships, and What to do After You Win a Scholarship! The competition and standards to acquire a scholarship have gone up, but it’s up to a student’s motivation to excel and receive the scholarship reward. When considering applying for any prestigious scholarship it is recommended that you document your portfolio of achievements during your undergraduate studies.

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