Rules: Everybody is motivated all the time.

Motivation is not equal to enthusiasm. It always works. Types of Lazy Employees. Catherine Clifford @CatClifford. Tony Robbins: This is the best way to motivate someone who's being lazy. By lazy, if you mean a procrastinator, and not a depressed soul who has lost the will to work then go no far... i have a remedy that has always helped me get off my lazy bum. Ask Open-Ended Questions.

We don’t particularly like the term ‘lazy,’ because laziness comes with an implied meaning of someone who is contributing less than what is expected out of sheer choice and lack of consideration for others. Maybe time off is what motivates them! The problem is that these people are not as common as the loss and benefit people, and most people in our training who claim to be internally motivated discover they really aren’t. But managers who de-motivate employees cannot hear this message. Depression could be an issue, but perhaps it … Open-ended questions are the best way to figure out what someone’s dreams are. Without fail. It really depends though on what way they seem lazy and their reasons for that behavior. They can motivate themselves to do a good job without incentives or fear. They are just not motivated to do what you (or society) wants them to do at that time. Every single time.

2. Lazy could mean unmotivated, but it could also mean that they are a highly motivated slacker. That leads me to struggle with the listing in the post of how to motivate the unmotivated.

Assess your entire team. Well, it might be a good start to consider that they are not lazy. Bad managers really do de-motivate their motivated employees. Find out what the person’s goals and dreams are. And I agree with this point. If it’s something you want to encourage, then continue through these steps. A lot of times a so-called lazy employee is someone with good reasoning behind underperforming.

Although you may recognise that one individual is showing signs of laziness, the problem may not be isolated to just them. So, the message is mainly being heard by managers who already agree with it.

Published Tue, Nov 14 2017 9:28 AM EST Updated Tue, Nov 14 2017 5:58 PM EST. 8. The best way to motivate others is to start by listening to what they want to do.

If someone is apathetic towards a certain part of their role, they’re much more likely to do a bad job of it, I’m afraid — and that’s where your ‘lazy employees’ start to appear. Lazy is a perjorative term.

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