Although I have reloaded with Canon KP-108IN paper, I get the message that the paper size is incorrect and my photos are not printing. Match the loaded paper size to the data size. Right-click the appropriate printer, and then click Properties. Paper Source: Select the tray to use for printing. I put 4x6 photo paper in, put 4x6 as paper size and glossy photo paper type and 4x6 photo size but it says it won't fit on paper. Okay, so I have a HP 7520 all in one printer. WRONG PAPER SIZE The loaded paper size does not match the data size.

Problem being: I was trying the printer out by printing simple recipies out from Microsoft Word. If you turn this option off and you try to print with the wrong settings, the printer will print even if the image size exceeds the printable area, and your printout may be smudged. message. To resolve this issue, change the default paper size of your printer: Click Start, point to Settings, and the click Printers. Had a few cat hairs in the opening.

When I hit print envelope is pulled in printer & stops and get message PAPER MISMATCH from printer. I looked onto the cover of where i bought my paper and it says LETTER SIZE. NO BORDERLESS WITH THIS SIZE RELOAD PAPER The weight of more than a few sheets of paper can make them slide backwards, causing misaligned sheets relative to the slot into which they feed. For example if you are working for me Word document, the word document has to have a page set up of eight and a half by 11 for a standard letter size page it must be important orientation etc..

However, when you print a Word document, its paper size, page orientation, or page margins differ from what you specified in the printer driver properties. Please change paper."

I looked onto the cover of where i bought my paper and it says LETTER SIZE. i plug in custom size and list the size. Tried to print #10 envelope with Writer v4.3.1.2 & HP6510 inkjet printer paper tray at envelope size. Make sure that the Paper Settings on the printer's EWS page match the paper size settings on the Apple device. I asked if she copies from both the manual and normal paper tray and she says yes ... Our HP provider had this printer taken apart quite a bit to replace it. Hadn’t used it in a long time. HP 8750 and windows 7 pro, paper size problem where it keeps telling me the paper is too big . If I touch OK it starts over again and ejects another page. Then says Load plain paper. The printer attempts to align the print everytime I turn it on but continues to eject paper and says it is the wrong paper. Load paper correctly. When I hit print envelope is pulled in printer & stops and get message PAPER MISMATCH from printer.

Figure : Example of an EWS Paper Settings menu. Paper Size: This Printer Driver lets you select the size of paper and envelopes and also allows user defined sizes of paper.

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