But sometimes, due to visual and contextual reasons, these placements turn into advertising disasters. The Impact of Humor in Advertising: A Review Marc G. Weinberger and Charles S. Gulas The use of humor has become common practice in advertising; yet our knowledge about its impact has not been updated since the last major review almost twenty years ago. Whatever the reason, these 30 epic fails will make […] 62 Hilarious Advertising Placement Fails . Hahn Premium Light, a Lion Nathan beer brand, released two hilarious, but similar, TV advertisements in the mid-2000s. In the interim, a great deal of humor research has been conducted. Let’s take a look at examples of successful humor in advertising, and what made those ads such a hit. Beginning in 2004, the insurance company GEICO began a series of advertisements as part of a campaign with the tagline, using GEICO is “so easy, even a caveman can do it.”

As long ago as December 2009, we brought you a selection of humorous advertisements in 60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones. All work and no play, allegedly, makes Jack a dull boy. This ad for Australian beer Carlton Drought does a humorous take on a classic chase scene by removing the cars entirely to prevent drunk driving. This is an area where the audience is far more receptive and still willing to pay attention. Print ads require more experience, innovation and proficiency. The funny print ads are more attractive than the ordinary ones, so the designers of the ads try to do their best to design ads that look unique in their themes and attractive at the same time. 26 Funny Advertising Ads 10 Most Humorous Print Advertisements.

Humor in advertising tends to improve brand recognition, but does not improve product recall, message credibility, or buying intentions. We are constantly exposed to advertising in our daily lives, be it online, in print, on billboards or through our television screens. For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. A humorous print ad campaign starts with a funny idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals. 20 amusing and humorous print ads Advertising industry has improved tremendously in past few years. Erkan. In other words, consumers may be familiar with and have good feelings towards the product, but their purchasing decisions will probably not be affected. While the visual blunders are more common, the contextual ones are funnier. Companies pay millions of dollars a year to get the perfect ad placements on TV, print, radio, outdoor, digital, etc.


Humorous ads remain one of the few effective ways to engage an audience in a very saturated advertising market. Here are some of the funniest ads that will make you laugh.

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