This is our experience, our basic, subjective experience of … I am a body. Materialists insist that understanding the world involves engaging and understanding the physical world. The body in philosophy: Philosophers believe the body as any material object is with our perception. Interpretations that involve transcendent, spiritual, and incorporeal references are speculative at best and fantasy at worst, as they are interpretations beyond verification.

You aren't two things, a mind and a body, you're one thing, a human being, which is a type of animal. Its basic properties are the size, mass and impenetrability. The classic question is the relationship of body and soul. Phenomenologists distinguish the human body, called body-subject, because it is related to subjectivity.

Talk of the mind or body you have can be replaced without loss of meaning by statements like "I am thinking slowly today" or "I am not very strong". Instead it means that I have been entrusted from birth with this wonderful instrument, my body, that I am to use to live my life.

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