If you faint at the sight of blood. If you are doing this for the fame. Topic: Why do I want to be a Nurse? Like a nurse practitioner, who serves as a key caregiver for patients in hospitals, schools, and private practices, with prescribing capabilities. A very thankless job. See Rubric for more instruction.

I knew I didn't want to go the med school route because of the debt and time commitment, especially during residency. College Essay Why I Want To Be A Nurse Extra credit essay prompt She worked for 25 years as a nurse in my home country, and there were times, as a child, when she had to take me to work because of the lack of childcare. When you learn how to become a nurse you’ll find the first step is getting a solid education, whether you hope to be an LPN, RN, or administrator. Rubric. Get Your Custom Essay on Reasons Why I Want to be an RN Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper.

Don't use plagiarized sources. Who should NOT be a nurse: If you are doing this for the money. Use Citation see resource announcement for citation help or call me. They may teach general or specialized nursing courses and stay up … Just as a nurse about this one. 2. Every state and the District of Columbia require students to graduate from an accredited nursing program in order to become licensed.

While some areas of the profession get paid very well, others are borderline free-labor. We are the last person to get credit when and where credit is deserved. I still remember the hospital, the doctors, other nurses, and equipment surrounding me. I got this idea of being a nurse from my mother when I was a little kid, see my mom is a nurse, actually she is now the director of nursing at Bakersfield Heart. I could never work as a bedside nurse for longer than a year. Between PA and NP, I preferred the PA education model but the fact that NPs can be independent and under their own license won out. Must be in APA with Title page. Must have a Thesis statement and Subheadings. 25 Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing Few careers offer the same advantages as nursing: registered nurses earn high salaries, work with interesting people, and — perhaps most importantly — significantly affect people’s lives, often even saving their lives.

Nurses can be primary and specialty health care providers. Steps to Becoming a Nurse. I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I saw the passion in my mother’s eyes when she provided care as a nurse in my home country of Ecuador. Requirements: 750-1,000 word count. These registered nurses have advanced degrees and then take on the task of training future nurses. Nurse Educator – For those who enjoy teaching, a career as a nurse educator would be a great fit.

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