There are a lot more variations in species, which makes it really fascinating.You have animals that can fly, others can go to the deepest depths of the oceans.Animals in all kinds of colors and shapes.Yes, you also have a variety in human looks, but it is not so distinct as with all the animals combined. You should say: what the animal is and what it looks like; where it lives; and explain how people in your country (or you) feel about this animal. 4.

Have you ever had a pet before? There are some laws to protect endangered species, but it's very rare that someone is prosecuted. 1.

Is maths difficult for you to learn?

2. Below are the sample answers to the questions of hairstyles. Do you like maths? IELTS Speaking part 2: Wild Animals Bài mẫu Speaking Part 2 “Wild animals” Describe a wild animal from your country. I guess with my best friends, currently, we probably see each other maybe once a week or once every two weeks if we are busy. Part 1; Part 2, 3 ; Immigration Services; About; IELTS Speaking topic: Animal. What kinds of animals do you like? In many ways they are different, but in other ways they are still quite the same. pirlo; 21/7/2018; IELTS; 0 Comments 1. IELTS Speaking. (2) Try to include some topic-specific vocabulary. At least not in my country. 4. Who's your favorite teacher so far?

THINGS TO REMEMBER WHILE SPEAKING (1) Think of Part One as a casual conversation where you need to say about THREE sentences for each question. There are lots of reason of keeping a pet at home. … IELTS Speaking Part 1 Hairstyles: Talking about the types of hairstyle in IELTS Speaking need enough topic vocabulary in order to describe a particular hairstyle better.

HAIRSTYLE . 1. 3. Who taught you maths? Yes, over the years I’ve made several good friends that I met in different places and at different times, like at school, university and work. 2. What is the most popular animal in China? Do you care about hairstyles? PART 1 .

5. Why do some people keep pets at home? Do you like to see animals in the zoo?

5. "No, I definitely don't. How often do you get together with your friends? 3. Describe a wild animal from your country. Do you think governments are doing enough to protect endangered animals? 6. Get some ideas and achieve band 9.0 in IELTS Speaking. I’m going to describe the ‘robin’ which is a wild bird that is common in the UK. IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. When did you start learning maths?

Try to speak in a relaxed way and don't be too formal.

Good luck! Do you like to use a calculator? IELTS Speaking Exam Part 1 Friends: Have you made many friends?

You should say: what the animal is; what it looks like; where it lives; and explain how you feel about this animal. In fact, many senior members of the government are the people who are responsible for the deaths…

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