Observed sensitive father parenting has also been related to child EF (Towe-Goodman et al., 2014). Father As A Role Model. She expects other men to treat her with the same respect as her dad does. But sadly, we have hardly any articles that highlight the importance of the role of a father in parenting. She even looks for the same characteristics in a husband. They are the person who will have the most influence on their daughters in terms of how a woman should be treated by a man.

The role of fathers have everlasting effects upon the children and the effective parenting tips envisage that it is the role of the fathers within the families which brings up the well groomed, disciplined and respected children within the family. A father’s role in child’s life is not just about paying bills and enforcing discipline. So, this one is for all the dads out there! Good understanding by the parents always gives the more positive effects to children especially in their adulthoods. A father’s role in parenting is that they need to love their kids wholeheartedly. A playmate You did not bear the baby physically, but you do bear the responsibilities.
A daughter looks up to her dad as the first perfect man in her life. You actually have very important role-sharing with your wife/partner in raising your child. Hey fathers, do not feel left out in parenting! Another hypothesis is that fathers have a unique role with their children as playmates, including play that is physical, exciting, and unpredictable (Grossman, Grossman, Kindler, & … Dads have the important role of boosting the child’s intellectual and social development.

A son grows up to become his father’s replica. Fathers and fatherhood may relatively young field of research, but sociologists have arrived in the fact that fathers are more than just the ‘second’ adults of the home.

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