This underscores Stanley’s intense sexuality that he shares with his wife and makes the audience understand that he looks forward to Blanche leaving, in whatever way necessary. In actuality, Blanche's action in the first part of the play indicates that on first acquaintance, when Stanley was a stranger, she desired him or at least flirted with him.


Explain the irony of the song that Blanche is singing as she bathes.

Weeks later, Stella has Blanche committed to a mental institution at Stanley's insistence. Stanley’s answer shows how little he …

The reasoning is that EVERY TIME a man has sex he has potentially created a child and he should see it that way. Wow.

Enraged, Stanley overpowers and rapes her. 62.

To compound the injury, Stanley has bought Blanche a bus ticket back to Laurel.


So you want some rough-house! He makes a crude, drunken pass at her, which she rebuffs. Introduction: Dennis Forbus is known to many American Elvis fans as D. Wayne or "Alabama Elvis," the stage name he has been using for years as he performs as a full time Professional Elvis Impersonator. Thus when the basic man, such as Stanley, feels threatened, he must strike back. Moreover, he’s already informed Mitch about Blanche’s sordid past.

59. “William Franke’s book demonstrates the variegated way in which the Bible provides ‘a model for humanities texts.’ Not only does he rightly seek to relate the reading of the Bible to other texts in the humanities, but also underlines the fundamental importance which the Bible has … But Stanley was never able to understand the sensitivity behind Blanche's pretense. Unless their relationship is one of the classic relationships that impose fiduciary duties, such as the attorney/client, executor/heir, guardian/ward, agent/principal, trustee/beneficiary, or corporate officer/shareholder,1 the answer is often unclear. Stanley claims that he felt obliged to warn Mitch that Blanche is a fraud, but you might suspect other reasons for his action. If he is interested in finding out about any children he may have sired, he should contact the former sex partner at a later date. If CAPAF ever does run such ads, we will disclose the donors funding that activity,” according to Josh Dorner. She also has a final last hope to find some one to help alleviate the emptiness she feels and Mitch seems to be the man until he finds out about her past. His response is more violence, more control and less sensitivity. He clearly hates losing as well, for when Mitch wins a big pot, he does not let Mitch get away until he won back some of his money. Stanley overhears these comments as they are ‘unaware of his presence’ (S4:pg.164*; and wants to dispose of Blanche to protect his marriage as Blanche has a hysterical determination to urge Stella to leave Stanley.

That scowl, that penetrating stare, those dark eyes glittering. Stanley has been exposed by Blanche in a way that he had never experienced. 63.

Then, alone or with another soldier, the simmering hatred rises to the top, not so much through what he says but the way he LOOKS. Why does Stanley believe that Blanche has come to New Orleans to stay for the summer? Stanley confides to Stella that he has felt restricted by Blanche’s visit and that he misses the loud, free sex they shared before she arrived. In what way does Stanley disclose what he has learned about Blanche? Stanley rapes Blanche, assuming that she has slept with so many men in the past, one more would not matter.

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