Insecure attachment affects adult relationships Insecurity can be a significant problem in our lives, and it takes root when an infant’s attachment bond fails to provide the child with sufficient structure, recognition, understanding, safety, and mutual accord. Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) can occur when a child does not form a healthy emotional attachment to their primary caregiver, sometimes due to the caregiver being extremely neglectful or abusive. The attachment figure gives inconsistent levels of response to the child’s needs. Thus, the child fails to develop trust in adults and in himself or herself. Insecure/avoidant attachment. The direct associations of various childhood environmental factors (such as parental depressive symptoms, hostile child-rearing attitudes, insecure attachment style, and alcohol intake) with the phenotype of temperament have been convincingly shown (e.g., Pesonen et al., 2004). Many undesirable outcomes can occur when a child forms an insecure attachment. Knowing that the parent always offers a safe haven from which to explore the larger world is the basis of a secure attachment. ; Safe Haven - Returning to the attachment figure for comfort and safety in the face of a fear or threat. Characteristics of Attachment . Bowlby believed that there are four distinguishing characteristics of attachment: Proximity Maintenance - The desire to be near the people we are attached to. This inconsistency causes the child to feel insecure. The Two Types of Attachment. Approximately 18% of children have an insecure or avoidant attachment style. Knowing the effects these parenting styles have on you as a child helps you better understand the roots of potential relationship issues, and where to begin when addressing these issues — whether on your own, or with the help of a therapist. In short, the child becomes insecure rather than secure. The child begins to expect that this will happen whenever a need arises. There are two main types of attachment: secure and insecure. They often are impatient and tend to ignore the child. Insecure resistant is an attachment type where a child may exhibit very clingy and dependant behavior towards their attachment figure, but when the attachment figure tries to engage, the child rejects them.

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