A degree is a plus. Whether or not graduate school is worth the cost is a subject that’s rife with controversy. According to the the US Census Bureau, a master’s is worth $1.3 million more on average than just a high school diploma. They are also popular among international students, indicating the UK's globally-recognised strength in this area. Many stimulating employment opportunities open up to graduates with advanced degrees. Masters' degrees: Are they worth the bother? Your degree might be coming to an end, but are you ready to leave university yet? Some may enter a graduate program just for the experience. No matter where you are in your career—whether you’re fresh out of undergrad or a working professional with loads of job experience—surely, at some point, you’ve asked yourself, “Is a master’s degree worth it?” That depends. A Master’s degree is becoming the new Bachelor’s — required for some careers, and resulting in better pay for others. A master’s degree in international relations isn’t just an extended history lesson on world politics. When a $100,000 Grad Degree Is Worth It According to one study, the best paid master's degree fields are in business, information technology and engineering. Grad school isn’t right for everyone, especially when you consider that the cost of tuition alone can reach well into the six figures. Finding jobs in my area is ridiculous, same with the neighboring states, they barely pay anything for a BA, with or without experience. In the end, a person’s pay will depend on the demand for that job, the level of difficulty of the degree and whether a master’s is needed to advance in the field, Carnevale says. Are you considering a master’s degree in computer science, but unsure it’s worth the investment? There are studies that verify the direct relation of higher wages in certain careers from earning a master’s degree, but that’s not the only reason an online master’s degree is worthwhile. Is a Master’s degree in Marketing worth it? 5.

In addition, the median weekly earnings for those with a bachelor's degree were $1,173 versus $1,401 for those with a master's degree, which shows the value of a master’s … I just graduated January 1st of this year with a Bachelor's in Human Services.

Make sure it's worth it, though, because programs can come with a hefty price tag. From global affairs and international business and economics to comparative regional studies and social entrepreneurship and development, if you find the right international relations master’s program, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the world we live in. Masters degrees in the UK are highly regarded by employers. But the process involves sleepless nights, debt, and the risk of little-to-no payoff. According to this study, university graduates with a master’s degree earned about 25 per cent more than those who had only a bachelor’s. Before deciding to pursue any degree, you should have a clear understanding of what benefits you hope to receive after graduation.

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